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Clusterf#ck USA with Dakotah and Cindy (SOAPBOX PODCAST MAY 27, 2022)

  May 27, 2022 Topic: Clusterf#ck, USA GUEST: Dakotah Lilly       VIDEO OF TALK FROM SUBSTACK: CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW   ******************************* CLICK TO SUPPORT THE SOAPBOX  

Healing a Wounded World with the World Peace Diet (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/14/2022)

  May 14, 2022         GUEST: DR. WILL TUTTLE TOPIC: HEALING A WOUNDED WORLD     The World Peace Diet , now translated and published worldwide in 16 languages, connects many dots—culturally, historically, nutritionally, ecologically, psychologically, and spiritually—to reveal how our routine exploitation of animals for food and other products boomerangs in countless ways, affecting both our outer world and the inner landscape of our daily experience. A more conscious way of living is beckoning, and the World Peace Diet approach blends mindfulness with kindness and respect for each other and all expressions of life, creating a practical foundation for harmony and freedom for ourselves and our world. On this website, we provide information about online World Peace Diet Facilitator Training programs, as well as Dr. Tuttle’s writings, schedule of upcoming events, and audio-visual resources that he and his spouse Madeleine offer. Thank you for taking time to explore! Based on revealing the

The Lockdown Left v. The Silenced Left (Soapbox Podcast May 7, 2022)

The Lockdown Left v. The Silenced Left Soapbox Podcast with Dr. Christian Parenti For this edition of The Soapbox, Cindy interviews Christian Parenti about his experience of the Covid lockdowns, and his analysis of the harm it has done to workers, working-poor, and other disadvantaged people. This is Christian’s piece, first appearing in The Grayzone: How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy What I consider a significant paragraph from the article: “The socialist left, which wants to use state power to discipline capital has instead accepted the negative image of its goal: state power used to bully, harass, and discipline workers. The left’s embrace of Covid hysteria makes a mockery of the left’s goals of planning, industrial policy, economic redistribution, worker empowerment, and environmental sustainability. This leftwing self-harm will have deleterious consequences for years to come. Indeed, the situation is worse tha