Friday, March 8, 2013

"The Threat of a Good Example" Acronym TV interview with Cindy About Hugo Chavez


  1. Hope you do run for Gov.! That would be Change we really could believe in . Peace, Chuck


  2. >>>>VGF<<<<
    Cincy, Like Good Wine..You just Get Better With Time !! YES, YOU have an Almighty Great Idea About Running For GOVner of California ! You Would Surely Become the Govner, if You Will Run ! I`m certain You Could Turn California into a role model For ""Socialism''' IF you will Follow Chavez`s road map. He won the Peoples` hearts and their Loyalty simply because HE Did not just Talk The Talk..He ''Walked'' His Promises for The People. And He Proved If you Put the Peoples` interests ahead of Big Money Interests, and if you refused to take from the working Class of People..while giving nothing in return for efforts received... Then You Would Be Begged To Stick Around !! And Look How Long He was Kept As Their ""Dictator ?" If Only we had such a Man AS Chavez Always WAS !! Tell me again..just how did he Die ?? He was a Perfect example of What Leaders of a Country Should All Strive TO Be. Good Luck on Any and All You Might venture out TO accomplish...YOU Will !! I`m proud of you.


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