Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Treason is Deplorable, too by Anthony Freda

Our soon-to-be fearless leader is Not Sick.

Do not trust your lying eyes.

She did not collapse in some sort of seizure, probably a result of her brain tumor.

She is not wearing anti-seizure sunglasses.

She does not have prolonged coughing fits.

Sarah Silverman says only "assholes" think she is sick, and she is right.

Hillary says she has pneumonia, I guess that mean she is an asshole? 

I thought I saw her highness collapse in a seizure but the mainstream media has been telling me only crazy people think she is sick.

Her first impulse is not to lie and obfuscate, and the mainstream media does not shamefully go along with every deception.

Sickness is health, war is peace and slavery is freedumb.

Or maybe, by knowingly running for president of The United States with a life-threatening illness, Hillary has not only proven she is untrustworthy and mendacious, but that she is willing to put her own blond ambition above the continuity and stability of the republic.

Instead of demanding an independent medical evaluation of the Democratic nominee, the mainstream press makes excuses for her illnesses and regurgitates her deceptive talking points!

The mainstream corporate/state run media has failed humanity. There is a good reason their propaganda is believed by a mere 6% of the population.

Hillary is the most corrupt female politician in American history, and the sycophantic media has made every effort to convert her crimes into humanitarian acts.

A good case could be made that the media are complicit in her treason.

They helped her promote the lies that took us to Iraq, and they continue to fail forward by disgracefully cheerleading her towards what they hope will be her inevitable coronation.

Anthony Freda

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  1. WAR IS PEACE; FREEDOM IS SLAVERY; IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH..."1984" has become reality in 2016!


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