Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Irrelevance of Left (ish) Anti-war Voices by Cindy Sheehan


One of my biggest frustrations since 2007 (when I left the Democrat half of the War Party for good), is that movements, especially the so-called antiwar movement support Democrat politicians. Besides being the very definition of insanity, in my opinion, when the War Party politicians order bombings (POTUS), pay for bombings (Congress), or are silent about, or justify the murder (the media), these same people  have very little credibility they are all of a sudden  "outraged" when the bombing inevitably happens. 

 I have long called these voices of loose credibility "The Peace Industrial Complex" because as soon as those bombings do happen, they send out pearl-clutching emails about how we need to hold the politician accountable, and to do that, please SEND US MONEY. My position may be a bit cynical, but I have seen the pattern repeated over and over.

For example, there is a color-coordinated "antiwar" group whose founders/leaders routinely advocate for voting for Democrats which is their right. However, I think to call oneself "antiwar" and a "Democrat" is the very definition of oxymoronic. Yes, even Joe Biden who has been a HUGE advocate of Imperialism for almost five-decades in the Federal Government was no exception. The day after Bombing-Biden attacked Syria, this so-called antiwar group sent out an email with the subject line "Outrageous" which begins:

When Biden promised a “return to normal”, did he mean normal atrocious U.S. military actions in the Middle East? Because yesterday, out of nowhere, the U.S. bombed the sovereign country of Syria. The militia bombed in Syria posed absolutely no threat to the United States and is actually involved in fighting ISIS.

Most of the leading members of this antiwar group have been activists for decades and my perception is that their outrage is a show for the cameras because a "return to normal" just means a whole lot of violence and oppression that the U.S. was founded upon and continues to this day.

Anyone who is not operating in self-delusion mode on a massive scale could predict that Joe Biden would continue the Clinton-Bush-Obama trajectory of terrible foreign policy, but also the centuries long bloody-trail of this Death Cult.   "Normal" for the Death Cult, of course, IS war and slaughter on a massive scale.

"Helpfully" they included a letter which we could all sign which encourages the nominal leader of Death Cult, USA, Joe Biden to "stop the wars." So, what will they do when he doesn't, because he ain't gonna? Are they going to vote for him a little less vigorously in 2024?  

If we truly want to end U.S. Imperialism once and for all, we cannot support in anyway any member of the Twin Parties of War and Evil. Of course, as individuals we have every right to vote for/support any candidate or political party we wish, but organizationally, our energy needs to go outside the duopoly.

After all these years, I feel like an empty gong clanging to deaf ears, but isn't it time to try something new if we do care about international solidarity and peace and equality within our borders?

My two cents, for whatever its worth.






  1. Hi Cindy,

    Long time no see though I'm not sure if you remember me. I met you years ago when you came to Melbourne, Australia and I was the one who told you it was NOT Al Qaida or Osama, who carried out 9/11. I remember hearing you saying that they did it and went back home driving 2 hours, stayed up gathering various info & gave that to you on following day and you changed your narrative to something like "bin Laden/Al Qaida did it or who did it, I don't know".

    One of my best allies in this battle was recently killed.

    and I just thinking about all the people we knew from years back, and thought of you, and got here. Glad you're still fighting for the genuine world peace, when we are fighting the last battle for human race now.

    Oh, for the sake of it... have you heard this one, especially the 2of2, Q&A at the end? I wish everybody in the world listen to it.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. From 9/11/2001, I never thought Osama or al Qaeda perpetrated the crime. You must be thinking of someone else. I have said things like, "even if they did do it, the US response was not justified." I am still not exactly sure what happened that day as some dogmatics think they are sure, but I know the US deep state combined with other nefarious agencies (MOSSAD, SAUDI ARABIA) were involved. Also, if things were exactly as the 9/11 report said, aren't over one million Iraqi and Afghan lives enough by now?

    2. Cindy,

      No I didn't mistook you with somebody else, unless somebody else pretending to be Cindy Sheehan here. Perhaps you didn't think they did it but you definitely aaid what I heard and that's why I thought "OMG, I've gotta let her know" and chatted with Doug to get his advice as well, what to give you. I should have a few photos of you, with me and my daughter perhaps somewhere.

      Anyway, Doug clearly stating that he had a very good idea who set charges in that video (gave you the link above) and since he's been speaking truth, he got killed.

      I add to say that I was glad to hear you say to Alex Jones (though he is a Jesuits' shill) that even to your amateur eyes, the towers collapse didn't look natural at all.

      Stay safe.


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