Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Rational Talk on Roe with Cindy Sheehan and Dakotah Lilly (Shee-Lilly#5 Podcast)






This week on Shee-Lilly, Cindy and Dakotah chat about the SCOTUS overturn on Roe, why it happened, and how feminists, liberals, and Democrats, or Liberal Feminist Democrats failed women AND children, historically.




Cindy mentions this piece:

The Emancipation of Women, V.I. Lenin

“Down with this foul lie! There is no ‘equality’, nor can there be, of oppressed and oppressor, exploited and exploiter. There is no real ‘freedom,’ nor can there be, so long as women are handicapped by men’s legal privileges, so long as there is no freedom of the worker from the yoke of capital.” Lenin, Pravda
#249, November 1919

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