Myth America: The Robbers Stick it to us again!

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Myth America

Well, since I started my book: Myth America, the 10 Greatests Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution! the situation has become more obvious, with executives of AIG's failing company receiving millions in bonuses after it received billions more in taxpayer bailouts just last week.

Don't believe the false "outrage" of the members of the Robber Class, especially after you read this report from

Before the fall, AIG payouts went to Washington

During my campaign for Congress against Grande Dame of the Robber Class, Nancy Pelosi, we pointed out the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi owned $500,000 worth of stock in AIG, as the government was giving the company 80 billion in bailouts. Not very many people seemed too bothered by the obvious conflict of interest, but now it seems like the chickens are coming home to roost...too bad they land on our heads! To use another cliche: "Let them eat cake," does not seem to be such an abstract historical concept anymore, does it? The members of the AIG department who are getting these bonuses are laughing all the way to their banks while the unemployment and foreclosure rates skyrocket down here in the land of the Robbed Class.

What can WE do about it?

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