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Yes! We are totally on the internet now and our last two shows are available on the website.

March 15th: We ARE Misbehavin' Join Cindy as she chats with Courageous Former Congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, about her run for President, her harrowing boat trip from Cyprus to Gaza, and Cynthia's new "Dignity Movement."

March 22nd: On the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and in honor of Women's History Month, Cindy interviews theatre artist and peace activist, Jeanmarie Simpson about a character she plays on the stage and in film: Jeannette Rankin. Rankin was elected our Nation's first female Congress Rep (R-Mt) in 1916 and was an uncompromising voice for peace her entire life.

Myth America

We are still working on technical difficulties on our website for donations, and should be back up and running soon...we appreciate your patience. Myth America is in the final pangs of creation and should be ready to be emailed before too long. Cindy has been speaking to crowds about the Robber Class Myths up and down California this past week, and so many people are excited to join this movement for Revolution against the Robber Class.

Order your copy today for a minimum 10.00 donation, online when the problem is fixed, or by mail:

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