Monday, April 6, 2009

Myth America and the Soapbox are hitting the road!

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Cindy will be touring the country for the next several months holding book discussions on Myth America: The 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution.

We have emailed out hundreds of books, and here are some of the comments:

"The myths are right on!" (Travis from Ft. Collins, Co);

"Your book reinforced my sanity, I am sharing it with others!" (Ken D.V.); "Cindy gets straight to the heart of a question faster than anyone else I know." David Swanson (

"I loved your book, but my favorite chapter was the one on elections." (Jon Gold, 9-11 Truth Movement).

Myth America is taking it on the road because we believe that we need to Rally the Robbed Class Revolution and build, or build on, relationships to peacefully throw off the oppressions of the Robber Class and learn how to demand Peace, Justice and Economic Equality and actually get them! We are energized to elevate ourselves from the Robbed Class to the Independent person, one family, one community at a time!

We are working on the schedule right now and this is a list of towns Myth America and Cindy are coming to:

New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos (April 18-22; confirmed);

Eureka Springs, Ar (April 23 confirmed);

Chicago (May 3 confirmed);

Ft. Collins, Co (May 5, tentative):

California tour: San Francisco, May 7th in Cindy for Congress Campaign office from 7-9 (Confirmed); San Diego, Santa Barbara and Monterey (May 9-13, tentative);

Texas: Dallas and Austin (June 7-13, tentative);

East Coast: (June 15-?) NYC (TBD); Washington, DC (TBD); Philly (TBD); Boston, (TBD); Tampa, (TBD).

Northwest: Seattle and Portland (TBD).

Hopefully, we can squeeze Minneapolis and Cleveland (we've been invited) in there somewhere. Any other suggestions are welcomed! Video or phone conferencing with Cindy are also possible for these discussion groups. Cindy is also very willing to speak at high schools or colleges on alternatives to joining the Military Industrial Complex or do panels on any Myth America subject with other activists.

Cindy will just be asking for donations to cover airfare (which is super- cheap right now) and is hoping to stay in the homes of fellow Revolutionaries along the way.

Most of the time, we will be taping our weekly editions of the Soapbox when we are on the road so we can increase the variety of voices from around the nation on our show.

If you would like to help Cindy organize any part of this tour, please email her at:

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