An Injustice to ONE is an Injustice to everyONE!

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox has a very exciting announcement:

Starting Sunday, June 14th at 3pm (CST), The Soapbox will be heard on Rational Radio, 1360AM in Dallas! Rational Radio is the new terrestrial flagship station for The Soapbox and we are hoping that it will spread like wildfire across the nation. If any market needs the unvarnished truth of Cindy Sheehan, her topics and her guests, it's Dallas.

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Watch this video of our protest in front of George Bush's new home in Dallas.

Last week, Cindy interviewed Black Panther Party member, Richard Brown about the persecution he and others have received from the government for their alleged parts in the 1971 murder of a San Francisco policeman. The pre-trial for the SF-8 was supposed to begin on June 8th, but has been postponed again until July 6th. The San Francisco board of supervisors is considering a resolution, proposed by Supervisor Eric Marr, to urge California State Attorney General, Jerry Brown, to drop the charges against the 8.

This week, (beginning 2pm Pacific on Sunday) Cindy interviews Khalil Meek of the Muslim Legal Fund, of America (MLFA), about another travesty of justice involving the so-called Holy Land Foundation 5. Please go to this link, and if you can, donate anything you can to help fund the legal appeal of these brothers.

Don't forget to listen to the show tomorrow on the air, or on the net!

Myth America Tour

Cindy has had a very busy week in Texas, from demanding accountability for BushCo, helping to raise money for the MLFA or spreading the word about Myth America, the reception to her message has been great.

Go here to order your copy of Myth America.

Go here for more information about June's Myth America Tour.

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