International People's Declaration of Peace

International People’s Declaration of Peace
We the undersigned, as responsible citizens of this planet, hereby recognize the immediate universal need for sustained “security through peace” for present and future generations of the human family.
In order that we all may live and prosper in dignity, we recognize the need for a genuine worldwide grassroots commitment by all humans to break the dehumanizing chains of the inherent savagery of militarism, of economic exploitation, of slaveries, of torture, of killing, and of all aspects of the culture of war and brutality that threatens survival of civilization on this planet.
We recognize that the present geo-political paradigm is systemically incapable of delivering us from the merchants of war and exploitation; and void of offering positive, alternative solutions. Thus we come together, as responsible citizens of this planet, to declare peace and work together as brothers and sisters for our collective freedom now.

May this Declaration of Peace be the spark for this manifest of commitment as initially discussed amongst citizens of this planet upon the sailing vessel, the Mass Transit, in Martha's Vineyard, on August 27th, 2009.
We the undersigned responsible citizens of this planet declare:
We will recognize, first and foremost, the intrinsic value of each and every human being;
We will recognize that even though we are individuals with both unique talents and needs, we are also one in the community of humanity;
We will vigorously proclaim that no
person is better than any other person irrespective of: race, religion, occupation, income level, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or national origin;
We will not allow ourselves, or our children, to enlist in, or be forcibly conscripted into our nation’s armed services recognizing this is never an option whether it is for economic reasons or false patriotic fervor.
We will remove ourselves as far as ideologically possible from our governments when war is proposed, or promulgated;
We will actively protest against wars, violence or economic oppression no matter who, or what, governs our nations;
We will not allow the fruits of our labor to be used by our governments to finance wars;
We will boycott news sources that promote war and not buy into the culture of violence that is promoted by certain movies, video games and other popular culture;
We will boycott products and/or services from companies that profit from war and to the greatest extent as possible, we will not work for companies that profit from war;
We will proclaim to our nations, families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers that using violence to solve problems is infantile and barbaric and we will not use violence in our own lives and we will teach our children peaceful conflict resolution.
War is the unspeakably evil pursuit of the worlds’ ruling class. Wars of aggression are inherently war crimes and crimes against humanity and we the people of the world suffer while the ruling class grows wealthy off of the flesh and blood of our loved ones.
We firmly declare that peace is the natural law and we reject violence in all forms: from state sanctioned violence to personal violence.
Recognizing that most wars are the will of governments, and not the will of the people, we will firmly and with the highest conviction, state, that WE are not enemies to each other and we will stand in solidarity to Declare Peace with all the world.
Recognizing that the United States of America is still, as the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. said the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” and the biggest arms dealer and war profiteer; citizens of the USA should acknowledge the special role that must be played and the sacrifices that must be made to help lead this planet on the path to peace and worldwide reconciliation, as the USA has allowed its leaders to lead this planet in aggressive behavior.
This declaration is firmly binding on all who sign it and the human dignity that is proffered on each signatory is its own reward.


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