Monday, September 14, 2009

Nothing Short of Complete Peace on Earth and other Soapbox Actions by Cindy Sheehan

Nothing Short of Peace on Earth

At one of my many events in Kentucky this past week at a delightfully named coffee and beer hangout in Louisville, Ray’s Monkey House, a lovely woman named Trudie came up to me with tears in her eyes and she told me: “Cindy, when you were in Crawford that summer, I thought to myself, ‘this is the beginning of the end of war.’ It might take time, and it might not happen in our lifetimes, but what you started to honor your son will end war.”

If only. If only, we the people could finally realize that it is not up to our governments to end war. Our governments and the War Machine are locked in a violently greedy mutual stranglehold and could not care less about our opinions or our children.

In my opinion, our struggles are in vain when we try to organize each other and ourselves to go begging the Robber Class to reform itself. It’s not ever going to happen. Throughout history we have repeatedly and to no avail, begged for our few crumbs of prosperity and peace and look where it has gotten us…in the midst of an economic depression that is further fueled by the blood of our troops and the blood of strangers thousands of miles away.

The Capitalist system of military conquest to perpetuate itself will never go without a fight. So, we need to forget about our governments and their masters, we need to reach out to each other to make firm promises that we will never allow our governments to use us as weapons of mass destruction to kill or oppress each other again.

That is why I am working so hard on the International People’s Declaration of Peace (IPDoP). It proclaims our essential and intrinsic values as human beings and our basic human right to not be subjected to state sanctioned violence.

We can pour our hearts out in marches, elections, and petitions to beg for what is right and rightfully ours, but it won’t be effective if we avoid the real struggle: the revolution of values and the paradigm shift of peace through rejecting the status quo.

The final version of IPDoP is almost ready and will be available to be signed soon. It will be ready to be proclaimed in front of the White House on October 5th, 2009.

Join me in the struggle.

We have pledges to translate IPDoP and the Articles of IPDoP into these languages: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, German, Dutch and French.

We still need: Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, and Bengal.

Please contact Cindy if you can help translate for free, or reduced cost at:

Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

This week’s show is up and running. Our guests are Dahr Jamail who has reported as an un-embedded journalist from Iraq and has a new book: The Will to Resist AND Sheila Dean who organizes Beat the Chip.

Rational Radio Forum and Bush Protest

This Saturday, September 20, Cindy will be in Dallas for two exciting events:

No Rest for War Criminals

Saturday morning, September 19th, at 10am in front of George Bush’s Dallas Residence.

Outside John Pershing Elementary School

5715 Meaders Lane in front of the gate to George and Laura's

Join Cindy, David Swanson, David Rovics and all of the peace and justice loving people in Dallas for this event telling George Bush that WE won’t let him off the hook for his crimes!

Rational Radio Progressive Forum

The terrestrial home of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, Rational Radio 1360am in Dallas, Texas is hosting a progressive forum featuring Cindy and Thom Hartmann who is also a progressive radio host.

After Downing Street’s David Swanson (bestselling author of Daybreak) will be there with singer, David Rovics and MORE!

At the Lakewood Theater

2-5 PM

1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, Tx

G20 Protests in Pittsburgh

After Dallas, Cindy will be heading to Pittsburgh for the G20 protests.

September 24-27 (more or less)

Go to: for more info.

Hey, Prez 44, WE don’t want YOUR filthy war!

Monday, October 5th

National Campaign for Non-Violent Resistance

As casualties tragically mount in Afghanistan and the war machine wants to grind more people up, we are planning protests in Washington, DC beginning the week of the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.


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