Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Update on Peace of the Action

We are building a strong coalition of peace people and groups to help us clog up business in Washington, DC, so much so, that our demands of: Troops Home Now, no Drone Bombings; Close Permanent Bases and Torture Facilities; and No Mercenaries; reparations for the people of these war torn countries and to rebuild infrastructure, are met.

We are hoping we will have 5000 people sign up and ready to start Peace of the Action by the 7th awful anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq on March 19th, 2010.

A report on NPR today said that the Obama Military Regime is getting ready to send a substantial troop surge to Afghanistan and will announce it next week at or before the NATO meeting in Bratislava. Gordon Brown, PM of Great Britain said that his country will send 500 more to a force of 9000…hasn’t Great Britain had its full of Afghanistan yet?

Recently, the puppet government of Iraq published a statistic, which said 87,000 innocent Iraqis have been killed since 2004 (which didn’t count “shock and awe” and the rest of 2003). We all know that many more than 87,000 have died and millions more have been displaced.

The practices of torture, rendition and preventive, indefinite detention are still occurring while we here in America lose our jobs (real unemployment rate is approaching 22%) our homes (one foreclosure every 7.5 seconds) and our security. Had enough yet?

Our inaction is not an option anymore either!

I think it’s time to ramp up the Peace Movement and move away from symbolic and limited actions to sustained civil resistance on a daily basis. Marching from Point A to Point B and having small CDs have not worked. Petitions have not worked. Lobbying Congress has not worked, but MOST OF ALL, elections have not worked. Time for We the Peaceful to get to work!

Peace of the Action is huge and we need a huge commitment from huge amounts of people.

To sign up, please email me at:

We are “ALL IN UNTIL WE WIN,” but if you can only come form a day, week, month, or until we succeed, we need every one of you there in DC.

We need (among other things) organizers and coordinators, housing, camping equipment, legal aid, medical aid, video/computer equipment and videographers, WEBMASTER, and most of all:




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