Say What? Peace Prize for a War President?

I was in Stockholm, Sweden when it was announced that President Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and, even though the people of Sweden were still enamored of him, when they heard that, they (and I) were shocked.

We got over our shock a little while later when we snapped to our senses and realized what the NPP is all about—it’s an establishment prize (usually) that rewards the status quo and Obama won’t be the first warmonger to ever win it. Awarding the prize to Obama, who has not done one concrete thing for peace, just confirmed that inconvenient truth.

A little know fact is that all of the other Nobels are awarded from Stockholm, but Alfred Nobel wanted the peace prize to be awarded from Oslo, because he didn’t trust his own country-fellows to make such an important decision, but since it has been awarded to people like Woodrow Wilson, Menachem Begin, Yassir Arafat, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter, I wonder if Alfred could really trust Oslo, either!

Anyhoo, a few weeks after I returned from Stockholm, I was invited to Oslo to be with that peace community when Obama receives his medal and money in a ceremony there on December 10th. The invitation was simple: “He’s fighting three wars. This is an abomination. Please come!”

The undeserved nature of this “Peace Prize” was just brought into sharper clarity this past week when Obama announced that he would be sending tens of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan. There is no reason to send these troops and there is no reasonable expectation for “success,” which is as ill-defined under this administration as it was during the last administration.

Nobel Laureate, my big toe!

One of the aspects of the US Military Empire that needs to be exposed and stopped is the profoundly immoral drone bombings.

Drones, or UAVs, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are robotic death machines that are controlled from thousands of miles away to rain violence down on people who have not been tried or convicted in any court of law. This program has been expanding at a horrific rate under an Obama regime and we have to registers our disgust as loudly as possible!

I was watching a propaganda piece on CNN about the drones and a general came on and said that drones: “Maximized power while minimizing vulnerability,” and soon, the drones won’t even need any remote pilots—they will be autonomous actors after programming. Am I the only one that these things scare the shit out of?



It was just announced that the CIA is expanding its illegal, immoral and intensely awful drone program. When did the CIA become the 6th branch of the US military, anyway?

We are putting together a protest/rally in front of CIA HQ in Langley, VA, for Saturday, January 16th—from 1pm to 4pm—so far, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Debra Sweet (National Coordinator of World Can’t Wait (are scheduled to speak).

Stay tuned for more info!


NOW HEAR THIS: Cindy's Internet broadcasts continue!

This Sunday (December 6th) is a very peaceful one, especially in this already too war-weary week. Cindy welcomes Kevin Zeese, who represents both Voters for Peace AND Peace of the Action. They talk mostly about Peace of the Action. In addition, Cindy also welcomes Ralph Lopez, who brings forward a realistic, real world approach to creating peace and stability for the Afghan people. Of course, because his idea is creative, workable, and equitable - it has the profound disadvantage of not feeding the American War Industry with an endless supply of bodies and loot. (Beware of this sinister plot: it MUST be un-American!) So it will only interest wimps and wussies who hate killing and want a safe future for our children in this world! (What losers!) So OK, boys and girls - this will be a very good Soapbox!


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