Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Infomercial for the Empire

Infomercial for The Empire

Cindy Sheehan

Twenty-Ten is a midterm election year, the Dems are hurting very badly—Obama needed to pull some propaganda out of his bag of tricks and he needed to be able to pronounce every word correctly so he base can say: “At least he’s articulate.”

I can just envision the weeks leading up to this: “Joe, you wear the blue-striped tie—Barry, you wear the red-striped tie—and Nancy, you get a botox shot, but make sure you can move your face a little before the speech.”

Of course it was not a state of the union address: It was a giant infomercial for The Empire—at one point he even said: “I won't accept second place for the United States of America.”

Well, the USA is number one in killing people—biggest terrorist state in decades—we have no peers in this aspect. We are even higher than number one here, if that’s possible—we are the SUPER-COUNTRY and killing is our SUPER POWER!

The USA spends more on defense than the next ten lower countries combined. We’re number one!

The USA incarcerates more people per capita than any other country. We’re number one!

The USA is the number one polluter and user of natural resources than any other country: we’re number one!

The USA has more bases on foreign soil than any other country. We’re number one!

The USA IS NOT number one in quality, affordable and easy accessible heath care: We’re number 37!

The USA IS NOT number one in literacy. We’re in a five-way tie for Number 11!

The USA IS NOT number one for life expectancy. We’re number 37! (Cuba is number 38)

The USA IS NOT number one for infant mortality rates. We’re number 33!

The USA IS NOT number one for quality of life. We’re number 13!

The USA IS NOT number one for university graduates. China is number one and graduates TWICE as many than the USA.

Our homeless population is scandalous and the fact that one million children go to bed hungry every night in the USA is also a national shame.

Obama also said: “I will never quit.” That doesn’t fill me with hopium because the only thing he has done over the past years is make everything from foreign to domestic issues worse. Please “quit” Obama—for the sake of everyone—QUIT!

Peace of the Action won’t quit and we are moving across the street from Obama’s house to start shutting down the heart of the Empire until Peace is a reality—not just a slogan to mollify a base eager for crumbs from the Emperor’s table.

Today was a bad day as we lost a truly wonderful human being who did more for us than Obama will ever do if he lives to be 87: Howard Zinn.

In Howard’s memory, we must never give up.

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