Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Back in the day, during time of war, messages were delivered by a person to the opposing camp. What a job to have, huh? Many times the messgenger was killed after the message was delivered out of rage, revenge, or just because.

Today, during times of war, the messages are delivered quite differently, but being in the business of delivering messages is still risky, especially if some people very vehemently do not want to hear the truth.

Now, "Attacking the Messenger" is a subdivision of the ad hominem logical fallacy, and boy, did I get attacked last week for having Glenn Greenwald on my show and exposing the Presidential Assassination Program. I haven't been so roundly, thoroughly or more vilely attacked since I started to publicly say that the war in Iraq was based on lies--but this time from the other "side."

I got called "liar", and things that the rightwing reactionaries usually call me that can't be printed in polite company--for just pointing out the truth.

And like my guest said, "Where's the outcry" against this administration for ordering the assassinations of U.S. citizens--and many times their families and neighbors? There was a huge outcry from the Democratic base when we found out the that the Bush Admin was spying on our phone calls, but not even a peep when we find out that the Obama regime is targetting U.S. citizens in this extra-judicial crime spree. It's not a comfortable fact, but it's a fact, and anger should be directed properly. Your government is a rogue government--facts are facts and truth is the truth no matter who warms up the presidential chair in the Oval Office.

Anyway, I will keep telling the truth, and I don't "lie" about anything. If I ever get my facts wrong, I always correct that, but you can all be guaranteed if I say something, it has been researched through credible sources! And of course, you can always research whatever I say yourself.


Please listen to today's show with amazing truth-teller, Australian Journalist, John Pilger (pictured here with Pres. Chavez of VZ)--it's probably one of the best ever--listen at the website.

Next week, the show will have another amazing truth-teller, whistleblower, Colleen Rowley, who was also a Time Mag Person of the Year! (Colleen's the one in front)


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