SlayStation by Cindy Sheehan (first published in Islam Times)

“Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and the effects they provide have emerged as one of the most "in demand" capabilities the USAF provides the Joint Force. The attributes of persistence, endurance, efficiency, and connectivity are proven force multipliers across the spectrum of global Joint military operations.”


Don’t get me wrong, I am not in favor of “Manned Aircraft Systems” raining down bombs on civilians, but the idea of Murder by Joystick with the “Unmanned Aircraft Systems” (UAS,) is especially sickening to me.

UAS, more commonly known as “drones,” are controlled from thousands of miles away and are increasingly becoming the new wave of the Air Force. The Air Force was recently devastated by Congress cutting off funding for the obsolete F22 fighter jet and is very excited about its robotic killers.

Even the names of drones are monstrous, such as: Predator and Reaper—The Grim Reaper drone—choosing who lives or who dies from an air conditioned bunker at Creech Air Force base thousands of miles away from the bombing site:

Thousands of miles away from the carnage;

Thousands of miles away from the screaming and dying;

Light years away from morality and compassion.

With reports stating that, from the top down, the US military is filled with Christian zealots, I wonder who "authorizes" Murder by Joystick? Does the 6th Commandment say: “Thou shalt not murder; unless you can pretend you’re playing a video game?” The mass murder of the 21st century couldn’t have been even remotely conceived of a few millennia ago.

War has become more deadly to persons but increasingly more depersonalized. Today, needless civilian deaths outweigh unnecessary military deaths by a 5 to 1 ratio, but are still referred to as: “Collateral damage.” Our military has become even further depersonalized by the utilization of paid mercenaries.

Not only is this kind of warfare taking a toll on civilians, but also military chaplains have reported that some of the “pilots” who control these weapons are having crises of conscience. Being me, I can’t conceive of sitting in a comfy room and dropping bombs on children, then going home to eat dinner with my children, or attend their Scouting meetings or sporting events. It is uplifting to know that some of our troops have consciences—I wish more would start to refuse these repugnant orders.

The Pentagon recently confirmed that even though US troops are moving out of Iraq, they would be replaced--sometimes by a two to one ratio--by mercenaries from such places as Uganda. This jaded nation of ours barely cares about the soldiers that are dying, how much less will we care about foreign paid mercenary killers and whether they have the right equipment or not?

The US Central Intelligence Agency collaborates with the Pakistani government to execute political enemies in the tribal regions of Pakistan, claiming that “al Qaeda” or “Taliban” leaders are being killed, when that is not the reality at all. While the government in Islamabad gives lip service to condemning CIA drone attacks, some of the drones are being launched from such airfields in Pakistan as Shamsi.

Currently the US is waging two undeclared wars with pre-emptive attacks in Yemen and promising tougher sanctions in Iran. US drones have been spotted over Venezuelan airspace. I predict that the escalating use of UAS’s will just make it easier to wage, not only illegal wars, but un-Constitutional wars, as well.

In US culture today, it’s just a short trip from the violent games on PlayStation and other video systems, to actually killing people with Slay-stations. We parents must be more proactive in banning violent games from our households.

SlayStation's game, Murder by Joystick, is just further moral bankruptcy from the Military Industrial Complex that, according to the UAF Flight Plan, is salivating and looking forward to the day when drones—using artificial intelligence—will carry nuclear weapons and won't need any direction from humans at all.

2047 is the target date for total Armageddon by UAS.

Note: When Bush was president there were 24 drone attacks in Pakistan from 2004-2008. In the 15 months that Obama has been president, there have been 72 attacks. Where’s the change?

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