Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Spread of the BP Plague!

-Dear Friend,

This Sunday's Soapbox (The final one of 2010
--where did this year go?), may be the most important show we have ever aired.

I speak to four people who are working with survivors of the BP Gulf Oil Spill that is far from over--in fact, for 10-20 million residents of that region and over six-billion people on this planet, it is just beginning.

Please listen beginning at 2pm Pacific on Sunday (at: to a show that even fired up my engineer, Scott, who has been in this business forever, so much so, that he is sending press packets, with the show included, to the White House!

The problem is as profound as terrible health problems for the residents and interrupting the Gulf Stream to as simple as changing our own habits in our personal lives with regards to the usage of fossil fuels. 
grand isle
Photo I took on Grand Isle last May

In Solidarity,

Cindy Sheehan

PS: I'd like to extend a special thanks to all of our guests this week, but especially to Anita Stewart who arranged this show.

Please spread the link far and wide--these are our brothers, sisters, and children that are being so adversely affected in the Gulf Region.

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