Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Live Hugo Chavez! by Cindy Sheehan


The same day that I learned that the feds were suing me, I also learned that, Hugo Chavez, someone whom I admire greatly would have to undergo more cancer surgery because another lesion was discovered on, or near, the place the cancerous tumor he had removed last year.

My struggle with the Empire has been intense, but our Comrade in Venezuela has sacrificed much in his struggle against the Empire and now he is battling something that will be his greatest struggle, and victory.

Chavez had an emotional send off from his people to Cuba for treatment this past Thursday with cheers and showers of flowers as he traveled from the presidential palace, Miraflores, to the airport in an open jeep. I can't imagine a US president going anywhere unless he travled in an armored convoy. What a tribute to this great man (Chavez) who has done much to improve the life of the poorest of the poor in Venezuela.

Please send your good energy his way and my story and how it has been linked, albeit in a peripheral way with that of Chavez, is now available in paperback.


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  1. Has ms Sheehan ever considered moving to Cuba?


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