Deep in the Heart

Dear Friend,

Casey & CIndy in happier times

Eight years ago, late Palm Sunday evening at around 9pm, three US Army officers paid our family a visit to tell us that our dear Casey had been killed in the US's immoral war against the people of Iraq. Needless to say, we were devastated as it wasn't just a sick April Fool's Joke.

Palm Sunday fell on April 4th that year in 2004, so the date 04/04/04 will forever be painfully carved into my heart as the date is carved into the heart of the King family whose loved one, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinate on the same day in 1968 by the same evil system that forced Casey and millions of others to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. After over ten years, the carnage continues.

April 04 falls is coming up and sometimes it feels like it's been eight days and sometimes it feels like it's been 80 years, but the spring still comes, the sun still rises, and the Empire relentlessly marches on.

On Sunday, April 01, our guest on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox will be our good friend David Swanson who chats about the book he edited called,
The Military Complex at 50, and I guarantee you that our discussion makes very relevant points and some uncomfortably relevant ones, too.

Hope you can tune in at 2pm Pacific Time, or anytime thereafter at the archives!
Next week (April 08) will be Easter Sunday, so I will take the week off to hold Casey's brothers and sisters close and celebrate New Life with my four grandchildren--the niece and nephews that Casey never knew, but who will know him well and his sacrifice to help make their world a more peaceful place. In Casey's name, I will keep moving forward on that...I hope you all will, too.

Love & Peace

Cindy Sheehan
From Deep in the Heart of Texas, today! 


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