The World is not Mad. We Are. by Diane Gee

I was taught God is Love. Then religion spent a lot of time throwing caveats on that concept and twisted it all up until I gave up on Religion and its God. I kept the only thing of value, though. LOVE. What if the only entity is no entity at all, but an action, a feeling, a connection with others embodied in the word "Love?" If that be the case, humans have pretty much killed God. We all love our kid, love our favorite music, love pizza with extra cheese, love puppies, a good buzz, a multiple orgasm and a gorgeous sunset? Whats not to love there? Our circle, we love. Beyond that is where it gets all messy.

You see, love and hate are not only related, they do the hoochie coochie non stop together so much they make the ying/yang circle look like a pinwheel in a hurricane. There is a vulnerability in loving that begs reciprocity. "I'd do anything for you, I cannot believe you don't hold me in the same regard, enough to do that for me." Rejection is a bitch, and lets face it, our human egos are frail enough that it doesn't take a hell of a lot to turn that upside down.

The thing we hate most is being afraid. Lets face it, it really is a frightening world out there. We hate that our lives suck. We hate worrying about getting or keeping a job. We hate that our kids have no discernible future. We hate getting old. We hate dying and death of our beloveds. We hate the fact that while our things are made ever more cheaply, we pay more and more for them. Justifiable hate? If you look at it closely enough, you will see that most of these hates are driven by the fact there is no love in the world of us. Who, other than us, worries about us? Our kids, our mortgages, our refrigerators filled with the crap genetically modified frankenfoods filled chemicals we can't even name? No one loves us. No one cares.

Where is the Greater Love? Why, oh why, are we so alone?

We have become that isolated. We duck, cover, try and compete to keep our families fed with whatever job we can screw someone else out of, and hey, "greed is good" seems to have proven itself true. I mean, Donald Toupeing Trump already!

The news is filled with horrors, from the beating and murders of our own in the streets by our "to protect and serve" brigade, to men saying "rape is just a dandy 'nother type of conception and if you didn't like it you wouldn't get pregnant!" to the filthy sand pipeline being run through our pristine countryside down to the bowels of our Texas oil baron's laps, to there's no fucking ice caps left, to fracking earthquakes! Douche d'jours spout ever douchier things that fill us with momentary outrage on the old telly every day. And Saturn's Season has again, every 4 years, eating our own with gluttonous joy, sure that our brand name candidate is the Savior.

No wonder we shut off, or get caught in the minutia. Its hard as hell to face the real thing. Apathy isn't always a form of cowardice, sometimes its a defense mechanism that protects our heads and hearts from exploding in agony.


So, again, I'm no religious person. But what ever happened to the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" thing? Or the "be as little children" part? Or even "that all men are created equal" meme? No toddler in the world hates anything, short of naps. No little kid in the world sees someone crying without wanting to run up, hug them and ask if they are ok. No one wishes their house would be drone bombed as they drone bomb others. No white teen wants to be treated as equal to black teens in being shot in the back by the pigs.

So what the fuck happened to us?

Inside, we know whats good and right. We have to. Or I have to believe that is true as my own madness.

We let our laws, rules and representatives change to be based on fear and hate. We had the love beaten out of us incrementally, making us sick inside. We willingly allowed our love to be killed in the name of madness.

Joshua said, "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play," and like most prophets of the wide screen, we took that wrong too. The game he meant was competition.

I mean, its not like any one multi-authored conglomeration of ghost writers have a monopoly on prophetic statements. Prophet Jefferson warned us about allowing the elites tyranny over us, and Brother Ike warned us about the MIC. Guru Lennon asked us to imagine. Even seer Wile E. Coyote warned us "We ɹ Fucked!" as he fell off the cliff.

So yeah, while the side of hate and greed have infiltrated our schools and airwaves, its not like we haven't had messengers to show us a better way.

I think we just forgot ourselves. I think the main thing we forgot is that all governing happens by the CONSENT of the people. Of course, its not all daisy chain necklaces and Kumbayays that will show our removal of consent. There are real devils to fight. Like the richest woman in the world, who pulled herself up by her placenta straps and was born to billions telling Australia's poor to get off their asses and work harder, her obese chins trembling in indignation. Worse? There is Dick Zombie Cheney and Bill Bastard Kristol. Our work is cut out for us. Those are the easy targets, the Monsanto-co-owns-XE and Halliburton Lockheed Complex are the biggies, as are their book makers, JP-Chasing-Bank-of-Morgan-America. We need to remove our consent, and believe you me, those fuckers would rather kill us all then lose their power, because they hire and pay our Politicians to Govern with only THEIR consent. Not ours. Theirs.

So waking to the real enemy is problem one. The enemy that only breeds hate.

Learning to Love again? Whoaaa, dudes. That is the easiest and hardest part of the bargain.

It means giving up our exceptional place in the world, and not getting iphones made by poisoned Chinese children. It means wanting Indonesians to get paid a decent wage. It means that in a world running out of resources we can't close our eyes to the starving of Afrikan children while we pig out at Applebee's endless pasta plates. It means risking arrest to keep the bank from foreclosing on your neighbor, despite the fact that your arrest may mean you lose your job and risk foreclosure too. It means all are equal, we love like little children and we actually do the fuck unto others. Its as easy as being aware and as hard as leaving Plato's Cave.

If you lived in Iraq or Iran or any of the Stans, would you welcome the freedom bombs being dropped on your head while you attended a wedding?

If you lived in Palestine, would you welcome the dozers come to level the home your great-great-great grandfather built?

If you lived in Puerto Rico, would you be glad to be a citizen with no actual representation or autonomy?

There really is no such thing as lesser evil, unless we consent to evil in the first place. Unless, we are truly mad enough to believe that the World is just crazy and evil and we are powerless victims.

The day, the moment we all decide to walk a city-block in someone else's sandals? That shit stops.


We need to stop teaching selfishness. Its madness. We need to teach love and compassion. Its sanity. The world can only be saved by compassion, and only that compassion and cooperation should have our consent. We need to create a system that does love us, perhaps for the first time in History. Where we are valued, where we know for certain we will never be let down, and left to suffer in isolation. We need to do the things the prophets said and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, as we would have done unto us. We need to rebalance the hoochie-coochie wheel of love and hate until it glows in brightness and warmth instead of spinning into some black-hole singularity. Every other option but this leads to doom.

"Its not just about you," we need to re-learn. "We are all related," we need to think.

"I love you," we need to feel. About everyone. The buck may stop there, but the fear ends here. Without fear? Hate dies. We create the World.

The World isn't Mad, We Are.

Changing that? Its as easy as Love.

I love you.


  1. Amazing! Thank you for the powerful moment of sanity you provided. :)



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