Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Debatacle: War and Thieves of the Uniparty by Diane Gee

I have a brain seizing, jaw cracking toothache right now. I prefer it to watching the debates... BUT! Jake had a chance for extra credit for his History class to watch and answer a few questions about it.

I opted to watch the Democracy Now version with Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson Tivo'd in, thinking it would be mildly less painful. Not by much, not by much.

The two main characters in the play both babbled a LOT about taxes. Trickle down business is better than trickle down government. Huh, one wants to make a profit off me, the other to spend my own money on me. In the end? One or the other, or both said this:

“When it comes to our tax code, [my opponent] and I both agree that our corporate tax rate is too high.”

“We agree; we ought to bring the tax rates down, and I do, both for corporations and for individuals.”

Sure one exuded more confidence; by confidence I mean rude interrupting motherfucker, and the other seemed a little less so.

In the end, they were both talking about the speed with which they will continue to make cuts on the things that help people, and give to the rich to create "jobs." Lemme look at my watch here, but didn't they give them a bazillion of my dollars for the last 12 years to do that, and aren't I sitting here unemployed with no health insurance to fix my tooth?

Maybe the infection is in my brain already, because tweedles dee and dum looked the same to me.


Education? Both support vouchers and moving our school system to the for-profit private sector. Both think loan-sharking is the price we must pay if we want a higher education. I had to laugh when one of the twins said something about 2 year trade schools. Ahh, yes, because there are so many trade jobs out there. Be a chef! Be a bookkeeper! Work for minimum wage to pay off that edumacation!

Neither of them talked about technology and research, and that we should all be allowed education if we want to survive in this world - in fact one seemed downright embarrassed to support green energy.

I hear pre-school was meme. Well, here's one for ya,

thing one and thing two
left us covered in goo
said more oil and gas are good for you

one said "More holes!"
and one said "More coal!"
well frack one and frack two!
neither one has a soul!

Now Stein and Anderson had good things to say; yet neither inspired me much.

There are so many elephants even they leave in the room. We need to nationalize energy. Period. No ifs, ands, buts or maybe's. The d-shade bragged about more drilling, the r-shade wants it in more public land.

The very biggest suck of all on our economy is our Wars, That's where all the debt comes from, that's where all the money goes, that's the Mastodon of elephants. In an economic debate, where the hell was that discussion? Stein alluded to it, Rocky dodged it some, although Rocky Anderson had a great moment when he quipped, "Certainly, our government is supposed to keep us safe, but more and more, United States citizens are worried about being safe from our government."


Stein expanded with, "Under the Obama White House, which basically codified the violations of George Bush, the attacks on our privacy rights, on First Amendment rights, the criminalization of the right to protest, the National Defense Authorization Act in which the President has claimed the right to incarcerate us, basically, without charge or trial, and to do that at his pleasure without having to justify that in any way."

I loved both of their replies, except they weren't replies at all to the question - about the role of Government - and after both of the other guys banged the National Security drum to suck up more War Machine donations, they missed the opportunity to speak against it..

I mean, what the fuck?

We spend 1.19 Trillion a year on War. I did the math, That is 3,260,273,972.60 a day on murder.

Three and a quarter BILLION a DAY. And change, if you count mere millions change.

We spend about 6 billion a year on welfare. Two days of war would pay for a years welfare.

We spend about 550 billion a year on medicare. 5 months of war equals a year of medicare.

One year of war could pay for 316 years of welfare.One year of war could pay for 3 years of of medicare.

Think about that.

You see, in the debacle called a debate, hard questions are outlawed. No one DARE breach the Pachyderm Parade dancing across our faces. Neither puppet will do anything but move right, serve their Predatory Capitalist masters, and answer vetted questions created to showcase how much they "care" about America and selling us our ass-raping with smiles.

You see, for most of our budget to be tied up in MURDER? It is totally required that our attention to be misdirected to soundbytes and bullshit.

This wasn't a debate. This was reality-tv: highly scripted kabuki theater for the masses.

No 3rd party was allowed, no one answered questions, they just stayed on talking points.

The Real War, the foundation of all wars - is Class War. The debates were part of that War on us, keeping the illusion we actually have a democracy alive - all while lying about how they are going to "help" us by aiding and abetting the Robber Class.

I can't wait until the show is over. You know, so we can quit running around with our hair on fire about what tweedle dee and tweedle dum said and get back to fighting the real problem.

Capitalism is war. Hungry children are are victims of war. People dying of simple infections are victims of war. My toothache is part of the conflict. Your job loss is collateral damage. And, while our first world problems are growing? All across the globe people are being splattered into piles of meat and gore and we are paying people to do it.

We have become killing machines enabled by the very lying bastards smirking across our screens last night.

I'm done with debates. I'm done with debating my peers about it too. I am tired of Lesser of the Two Evils, and tired of trying to explain to people that we MUST vote for 3rd party candidates to prove we are not hapless victims and we can take control. I am done, too, with fighting with those who somehow think that withholding their vote is noble - it merely leaves less of the population to manipulate.

Both Romney and Obama are thieves making war on us and the world.

My son's report was astute - and you have to love the guilelessness of children - their in class discussion was mostly kids saying "all politicians lie." He got a great grade.

Next time? He's on his own.

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