Sunday, March 31, 2013

Literally and Figuratively Spinning our Wheels for Peace by Cindy Sheehan

There are millions of mothers mourning the deaths of children today (and every day) ten years after Shocking and Awful. 

Some of the mothers on the American "side" take false comfort in the lie that the war was justified and view their sons or daughters as “heroes” who died “keeping America safe” or some crap like that.

However, there are a few of us who know the facts: the war was “justified” by lies and fought for profit and control of resources and our kids are lying in permanent graves for temporary and temporal gain.

So, what’s happening now? Obama is president, the wars are over, our troops are home, Iraq is rebuilt and peaceful, and the oceans have stopped rising, George and Dick have been held accountable? Actually, none of these things are true, yet we see few people out protesting anymore.

There has been some good energy around the case of Pvt. Bradley Manning and his persecution by the Obama regime. Of course, Manning in being persecuted for exposing the lies, yet Dick and George are still playing footsies with the 1%, as they are foot loose and fancy free. Opposition to drone warfare is up, with little recognition that Obama has increased that program profoundly since he’s been in office.

So many lies, so man scandals, so much violence perpetrated by the Obama regime, yet so little protest? And when there is protest, the establishment “opposition” is quick to point out how much in love they are with The Man, but that they would like him to “pretty please” not sign the pipeline legislation, for example.

Without a doubt, the time is now come for us to get off of our collective ass and hit the streets…this past week when Congress passed, and Obama signed, the “Monsanto Protection Act,”  our government openly declared war upon we the people. We the people must fight back! If you don't fight back now, then what is your line in the sand? Is there ANYTHING that President MonsantObama can do at the behest of his bosses, the 1%, that would finally wake you up to the fact that the US government is rife with war-mongering, greedy scoundrels that don't give a damn about you or your children? 

What keeps us, as a nation and a people, so accepting of the wars that our government wages against us here at home and abroad? I believe that it’s a combination of a few things, but first is the servile corporate media: the propaganda arm of the US Empire.

For example, on March 27th, President MonsantObama signed a spending bill that contains provisions that effectively give the most evil corporation on the planet, Monsanto (and other biotech companies), the green light to continue poisoning the food supply of my grandbabies. While President Congress was approving it and President MonsantObama was signing it into law, the shiny keys of marriage equality were being dangled to distract us from that horrible rider contained in H.R. 933.
Caught in another lie?

Propaganda and misinformation breed apathy and reactionary political analysis. However, I think the number one thing that keeps us bound to the cyst-em is that we continually forge our own chains of partisan political slavery. It’s almost impossible to “think outside the box” of the “two” party cyst-em because slavery beats one down and makes a person feel like he/she does not deserve to be free.

For the past three months, a few of us have been hard at work organizing Tour de Peace: a bike ride for Peace and Justice from California to Washington, DC. It has been frustrating to know that President MonsantObama has placed US troops, drone bases, or both, in 35 African countries and he has been responsible for bombing the stuffing out of 8 Arab countries while assassinating American citizens and thousands of innocents, checking the dead off one by one from his Kill List.

We organizers of Tour de Peace have been delighted with the energetic, if small, response, but also disheartened with the knowledge that if it were a President Romney or President McCain doing the same things President MonsantObama is doing, we would have an easier time raising money and getting more people to join us in our 90-day protest!

If you voted for Obama, we don’t get it, but we forgive you! It’s time to break the chains of your slavery to the “two”-party scam and join us to raise a people’s movement against our government that does more harm around the world than any other entity.

This is a call to action: Action based on the core principles of each and every one of you who have worked for peace and justice in the past. YOUR principles are the correct ones and I hope that the principles of the US Empire don’t match yours.

If I act outside my core beliefs, I become ill. I am impressed with the extraordinary mental acrobatics that it must take for some people to still justify the actions of MonsantObama because those moves must rival those of a Gold Medal Olympic gymnast.

Come home.

The world needs you; we need you!

Go to for more information about out 90-day action for peace and justice.
We are leaving on 04 April, 2013

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