Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "S" Word with Cindy Sheehan and Diane Gee: Guest Kevin Zeese

The "S" Word

In this week's show, Cindy Sheehan wings it and sends love to her co-host, Diane Gee, who couldn't make it.

In the second half, activist, Kevin Zeese, joins Cindy to talk about the legacy of Hugo Chavez and other topics of interest!
use the player below to listen to the show!


  1. My dad died of Cancer too nine years ago when I was 22. It happened really suddenly like within weeks. And the hospital only made it worse for him by doing unnecessary procedures. Of course, that's the only way they make a profit.

  2. Exactly! The gentleman said it perfectly!! You need to repeat that for all those who don't know! All socialism is the "democratization of the economy"!!! PERFECT!!

  3. What crap. People die. Blame it on the hospitals or blame it on God. Accept it and move on.


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