Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Million Reasons to Vote for Me by Cindy Sheehan

Yes, I am forming an exploratory committee to run for governor of the state of California: the state of my birth and life. The state where I gave birth to four in the next generation of native Californians, and where I buried my first child who was killed in another war based on lies and for profit of the Empire.

According to a recent piece in the Sacramento Bee, my gubernatorial prospects are "long" because incumbent Jerry Brown (D) has already raised over "10 million" for his re-election campaign.

It is sad that in a state that was in the forefront of progressive election reform, instituting the initiative and referendum process over 100 years ago, has degenerated to cash-based "democracy."

Just recently, the "liberal" state of California shot down same sex marriage and legalization of marijuana. In 2012, Prop 37, which would have just required food to be labeled if it contained GMO's was defeated because the "No" side (Monsanto and other food conglomerates) out raised and outspent the correct side about six to one. Now, the Bee has already denigrated my chances because apparently money equals votes. I am relying on my fellow Californians to reject this corrupt paradigm and recognize that ideas, energy, passion and compassion are more important.

It's true that Brown has already out raised my campaign by 10 million to zero, but he is also mired in the greed and stigma of the "1%" and long ago lost sight of the struggles and challenges of the rest of us (if he ever saw us at all). Even though, many years ago I voted several times for Brown, I think my state, my family, my community and my brothers and sisters in the struggle need a fresh break from the old way with my campaign and potential for leadership that will hopefully inspire that new way forward.

I didn't vote for Brown in 2010, I voted for the Green Party candidate, Laura Wells. However, in 2011, with the state budget deficit hovering around 25 billion, the seed for the idea of running against Brown in 2014 was planted when I heard him say that it was "unfortunate" but the budget would have to be "balanced" off of the backs of we Californians that were "already vulnerable."

Brown is in the back pockets of big oil and the Prison Industrial Complex, to name a few, and he is decimating and destroying education in this state as we hover near the bottom of the entire country. I grew up in a California where the public school system was at the top and I'll be damned if my grandchildren will attend schools that are sub-par and barely beat out Mississippi in almost all measurable standards.

There are so many issues facing our state and as the campaign unfolds and I cycle around the state meeting with as many people as is humanly possible, Cindy Sheehan for Governor will become more specific with people based solutions. I am intimate with the struggles, but the solutions have to be proposed and worked toward by all of us. This will be the third time I have run for public office, but I am NOT a politician and I never say anything that I don't mean: I do NOT want one Californian to support me--I want you to support yourself, your family, your community and your state by voting for me and helping me drag this state to the forefront of peace, economic equality, educational superiority and environmental sustainability. We used to be there, we can do it again!

What can a governor of California realistically do? Really listen to the people, inspire their confidence, and work to fulfill the agenda of the 99%.

It's time for a new way, the 1% have had their way with us for too long.


  1. You can not win, you can not even get close to winning. You will not even break 1 percent of the voting population. perhaps you should put your time and effort into things you at least have a shot of accomplishing.

    1. Hmm... you're one of those "Tough Love" people, aren't you?

    2. Anonymous, you are a wet blanket. Please hang yourself out on the clothesline and come back when you're dry and have something helpful to say.

      "He who predicts the future is lying - even if his prediction comes true."
      --Arabic saying

      That saying is talking about you.

  2. I might have to move so I can vote for you, Cindy. Brown stinks; let's hope he sinks! And you rise.

    1. Brown does not stink. I you don't agree with what he's done, then say what that is.

  3. Anonymous in the first response thinks that your goal in entering the election must be to win. Knowing you even slightly convinces me that he is missing the point: you win by being able to run, by using your run to educate and illuminate and agitate.

  4. I liked your response, Brashley46. Money aside, odds may be against Cindy's winning just due to the apparent difficulty in getting many voters to see any option other than the two dominant parties; yet, events have occurred in human experience against which the odds were stacked before. Even if she does not win, though, you are correct that there would be other value from her campaign. It's also hopeful that thanks to the Bee, Cindy's already gotten her first ounce of publicity without spending a dime. :-)

  5. Hey Cindy,you are against prisons.In my area a man raped,strangled and disemboweled A 77 year old woman for her car and flatscreen tv.what would you do with him?

    1. First of all "anonymous," I have respectfully requested that people would have a little courage and respect and use their own names. Secondly, where, anywhere, have I said that I am "against prisons." Obviously, conditions in prisons are abominable, and obviously, the US and California incarcerate the highest percentage of citizens than any other country on earth and obviously many innocent and non-violent offenders are needlessly in prison. Also obvious, is the person who committed that crime should be in prison. Because, I never said I was "against prison." I guess people are going to read whatever the hell they want to read...cheers!

    2. The privatized prison system has nothing to do with incarcerating violent criminals. It has everything to do with profit. Corporate Unicor prison inmates are incarcerated for little more than marijuana possession, receive 25 cents/hour, given government noncompetitive contracts to the detriment of small businesses. Please watch this congressional hearing:
      People are waking up to the false 2 party system. I do not waste my vote on corporate puppets. Go Cindy!

  6. I would totally encourage my CA friends to vote for you if I didn't suspect that you might taint _every_ tragedy/failure/crime with the patina of a government conspiracy.

    You stand for all the right things and for all the right reasons, but my sense is that too often you go about it all the wrong ways. Listen more closely to your inner skeptic; it's right more often than you'd care to admit.

    1. Emlyn, I, too, used to think of people who doubted the official story of 9/11 as "conspiracy theorists." Though anti-war and way left since the age of 13 (I am now 59), I swallowed whole this concept that doubters of received "wisdom" were CTs. But the smallest inquiry into the facts of 9/11 convinced me that one must always look at evidence before making a conclusion.

  7. Listen to my inner skeptic?
    Yep, that's what I do.

    I think your California friends are smart enough to make up their own minds.

    Have a nice life.

  8. "You can not win." What a crock. The moment you get your name on the ballot and start talking about the issues nearest and dearest to you (Peace, Justice, Equality, Human Dignity, Respect and true Freedom), you already have. But more importantly, so have the people of California.

    Should you get your name placed on the Peace and Freedom Party ballot line count me in for $100.00.

    S Cooper
    New Jersey

  9. Cindy, you did an admirable job against Nancy Peolosi, even though you were referred to as "other" on the corporate news. If memory serves, you pulled 20% of the vote. I wish you luck and will send money when I can.

  10. You have my vote. CA needs a determinator with your clear minded representation.

  11. Here's the bottom line:
    The 2-party dictatorship is an absolute travesty
    regarding the US Constitution, international law,
    and the UN Charter on Human Rights.

    So I ALWAYS vote 3rd party in every slot where
    there is a 3rd party candidate.


    Because if next election, every voter voted
    3rd party (I know they won't, but if they did . . .)
    we would crush the 2-party dictatorship and
    have a REAL chance for REAL CHANGE from the status quo,
    business as unusual, predatory capitalist system
    that does so much harm to so many people around
    our planet.

    So, 3rd party today, 3rd party tomorrow, 3rd party forever . . .
    and it ain't my fault if the voters only
    go for the choice of two evils all the time.

    ''you go girl''


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