Friday, September 27, 2013

Headlines of the Near Future by Cindy Sheehan

Although I can’t escape the imperial goings on around the globe — unconditional peace always being my main focus and motivation — I am running for governor of California. However, if California is managed correctly we could easily be a global force for awesomeness (had to say it, since I am a “Valley Girl”). So, lately, I have been spending most of my time focusing on the incumbent — former Moonbeam, Jerry Brown (D).

Besides recently signing legislation approving more hydrofracturing in California and giving California’s surplus funds to private prisons to alleviate horrendous overcrowding (instead of releasing non-violent offenders and those with no risk of recidivism), he also recently signed another bill into law which would protect the elite. This is the headline of the article explaining the new law: “Gov. Brown signs bills aimed at paparazzi.
The article, which appeared in the September 24th edition of the Los Angeles Times, shows a picture of celeb Brad Pitt carrying a child and goes on to explain...


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