Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is Jerry Brown out of his Fracking Mind? For Immediate Release


Is Jerry Brown out of his Fracking Mind?

For immediate release from Cindy for Governor 2014:
September 25, 2013

On Friday, September 20th, Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed a bill (SB-4) to permit hydro-fracturing, better known as “fracking” in California, specifically in the Monterey Shale Formation. Fracking is a method of oil and gas production that involves blasting millions of gallons of water, mixed with sand and toxic chemicals, under high pressure deep into the earth. Fracking breaks up rock formations to allow oil and gas extraction. But it can also pollute local air and water and endanger wildlife and human health.

Gubernatorial candidate, Cindy Sheehan of the Peace and Freedom Party had this to say about the recent legislation: Jerry Brown just signed a bill that makes more "fracking" possible in California in our already vulnerable and fragile communities and eco-systems. This is just another way that Brown demonstrates his allegiance to big oil and his total disregard for the people and environment of the state of California. Being dependent on fossil fuels is a disease that's killing our planet and an official responsible to his constituents would be leading his community away from all such usage.

From an article in the Central Valley edition of IndyBay: Senator Fran Pavley and Governor Jerry Brown claim the legislation "regulates" hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), acidizing, and other oil extraction techniques, while opponents, including over 100 environmental, consumer and community groups in the coalition Californians Against Fracking, say the bill actually creates a clear path to expanded fracking in California.

Candidate Sheehan continues: “Special interests wrote the bill and the current governor of California receives tens of thousands of dollars from the oil industry for his campaign coffers. A strong environmental plank reducing and then eliminating California’s addiction to fossil fuel is one of the cornerstones of a Sheehan campaign and future administration. The people should be demanding access to clean, sustainable, and renewable forms of energy and more comprehensive and cost efficient access to public transportation.”

“We are not in this campaign for immediate profit, we are in it for the future of our state and the people who reside here,” Sheehan finished.

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  1. Brown does nothing without being paid. Knew that in 1997 when he suggested himself as a key note speaker to an environmental conference at Ramapo College (NJ) in which I participated. The initial overture he made was that it would be pro bono. It was anything but. Will grant him one thing, he does not embarrass easily.

  2. Keep speaking truth to power Cindy!!!


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