Cindy Sheehan's Speech at March Against Monsanto Madness (October 12, 2013)

by Anthony Freda


  1. Social Justice must exist; serving as keystone for a Constitutional Democratic Republic. Unadulterated democracy is mob rule lacking any provision protecting basic human rights of any and all minority population.
    "Minority" no longer merely indicates the number of people comprising the group. Minorities are those citizens holding & sometimes speaking out opinions not in agreement with those of an elite ruling class in this nation today. This class is not defined merely by level of placement in the body government. This class is also comprised of groups and individuals manipulating marionette machinery responsive to infusions of staggeringly huge amounts of money.
    In general, most individuals I meet daily, for whom the words, social justice, may just as well be presented in Coptic, a "dead" language of ancient Egypt. This lack of understanding grows daily as current formal education, familial /social , & multimedia exposure contributes to mass ignorance. A process commonly referred to as being dumbed -down by years indoctrination of rewritten history.
    Speaking out & acting out against Monsanto & the expertise with which it practices abuse of power. The powers abused include; financial, political, & all other powers normally reserved for walking - talking citizens ever since a scalding judgement by the United States Supreme Court granting people rights to corporations.
    Thank you, Cindy for emphasizing the fact that , "we the people", are citizen/voters not merely consumers. Sometimes , it appears we are the consumed ,(not consumers), being consumed by Monsanto's military industrial complex power purchased with a seemingly endless supply of super lobby power money.
    Sorry about the long comment. I need simply observe Monsanto's business practices ; finding Monsanto's model devoid of any sense of commitment to the safety well-being, & prosperity for the people over whom such great power is wielded.


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