Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sound the Alarm! Fukushima Must be Contained! by Cindy Sheehan

Sound the alarm!

Stop obsessing about horrible Republican politicians!

Stop worrying what overpaid celebrity is doing to another overpaid celebrity or what he/she wore to the latest awards show! 

Save the cute kitty and puppy memes for the post-Fukushima world.

Soon, The Greatest American Survivor Idol will be a forgotten luxurious distraction.

In my honest opinion, what is happening at Fukushima Dai'ichi transcends every shiny-key distraction that is waved in front of our faces by the establishment.

Yes, the toxic waste dump we otherwise call "Washington, DC" is melting down faster than any other nuclear reactor could, but what's happening there is nothing but a Big Circus meant to distract you from what could potentially become the extinction event we have long feared.

The Prime Minister of Japan has finally asked for international help with a situation that is spewing tons of toxic, radioactive waste into our air and ocean, so we should be demanding that our "leaders" put aside their show and get down to the business of international co-operation in containing Fukushima, then beginning the dialogue to decommission and dismantle all nuclear reactors.

Despite what liberal Greenwashers, Robert Stone and Michael Moore say in this video, nuclear power is not a safe and viable alternative to carbon emissions. The video is insulting to we who oppose nuclear power, but it also insults our intelligence to claim that Evil Energy A is better than Evil Energy B. 

As a candidate for Governor of California, which is a state that is directly in the path of the radioactive poison coming from Japan, and as a citizen, these are the demands I make of my head of state:
1. Food - government and independent testing of all food, imported and grown in California

2. Seafood - govt and independent testing of all seafood, imported and caught in Pacific (or even Gulf and Atlantic due to BP oil and Corexit contamination

3. Air - government and independent testing of air rain swipes monitor of win and jet stream coincident with fukushima and CA.

4. Water - govt and independent testing of all water (both surface and ground)

5. Assistance- Brown wants to give almost one billion dollars to private prisons to keep non-violent offenders and those at very low risk of recidivism in prison here against the orders of the Federal Department of Justice. Instead, I demand that he use that money to help contain Fukushima. The citizens of this state are in the direct pathway to destruction.

6. California Nuclear facilities: complete government briefing and independently corroborated status reports on San Onofre and Diablo Canyon

Complete plan of action for de-commissioning San Onofre and Diablo Canyon

Waste Handling Plan for San Onofre and Diablo Canyon.

Complete government briefing and independently corroborated status reports on ALL nuclear facilities (labs, medical and universities) in CA

Updated financial statements on all Nuclear Operators (yearly) including verifiable projections on decommissioning and waste. 

So far, the only comment that I have seen from Jery Brown is when he said that, despite Fukushima, he still thinks that nuclear power is a viable and safe option. No!

I make the same demands of Washington, DC--stop funding wars (foreign, domestic, and drug related) and devote those vast resources to ending the cataclysm in Japan. Wasting time and energy on these circuses is even compromising the lives and safety of their children and grandchildren.

Harvey Wasserman's site is a good place for more information and action items on this profoundly urgent topic:


I now prohibit you from returning to your irregularly scheduled distraction. Don't let them nuke our future more than they already have!

Anti-nuke activist Chuck McCune from Albuquerque, NM contributed to this report.

UPDATE I: President Obama pledges 11 billion to upgrade country's nuclear arsenal.  





  1. Check out also this website by Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer, who clearly explains what's going on at Fukushima Dai'ichi:

  2. Tomorrow Thurs 7pm a fine Fuku forum in Berkeley at "the little engine that could" BFUU historic hall where Cindy 1st spoke publicly (after her son's murder by GW): http://www.bfuu.org/events/upcoming-events This Sat., many cities will be taking FUKUSHIMA is HERE actions. To register for San Francisco human banner 11am "on the beach": http://www.fukushimaishere.info Then 2-6pm forum @ SF State: http://nonukesaction.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/october-1819-educational-conference-教育/勉強会/

  3. It's ok to post my name for my comment, just submitted. Thanks, Cindy, for covering this issue! By the way, I think/hope Wasserman is a tad more alarmist than the situation merits, but I agree it IS an urgent matter of global import, so I'm very grateful that he and you are raising awareness. Best wishes, Phoebe

  4. Governors do not make 'Demands'. Cheesy tinhorn dictators do.


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