Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov Stands for Justice and With the Families of Victims of Police Brutality

Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov Stands for Justice With the Families of
Victims of Police Brutality
Cindy Sheehan

Police brutality and the increasing policy of “shoot first, ask questions second, and express fake remorse after the fact” is a very serious problem that needs some serious and thoughtful solutions that serve the people, like the police are supposed to be doing, but are failing in so many instances.

More often than not, police officers are not held accountable for their actions and family members are left feeling that they have not and will never get justice for the wrongful murders of their loved ones, who are also disproportionately young men of color, but not always.

Cindy Sheehan has long sought justice for the wrongful death of her own son Casey in the illegal and immoral war against the people of Iraq. One of the reforms that Cindy Sheehan’s campaign and future administration would make would be more comprehensive psychological testing and examinations for applicants to police forces, especially if the applicant is a returning combat veteran as was Erick Gelhaus the admitted murderer of Andy Lopez on October 22 of this year.

Another reform that is necessary and urgent is to institute citizen review boards over local police forces. Community members know what is best for their own communities and often the officers don’t even live in the community where they patrol and commit crimes of brutality. Citizen review and oversight is a must to help rein in crime and corruption from law enforcement.

Men and women who choose to go into law enforcement should not have special rights or privileges that we the people do not have. So called Law Enforcement Bills of Right have allowed crime and corruption to continue and we believe that every citizen, including law enforcement workers, should be afforded the same protections under the law and Constitution, not special privileges.

Cindy Sheehan demands that the Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch indict Officer Erick Gelhaus in the murder of 13 year-old Andy Lopez. Gelhaus did not even give Andy 10 seconds to respond to his screaming of orders.

Cindy Sheehan sends all of her love and solidarity to the family of Andy Lopez because she truly understands the pain, confusion, and misery that they are going through.

Cindy Sheehan would also like to send solidarity to Andy’s friends and family who are devoted to accountability and justice.

The people of the State of California deserve a Governor who will stand with the people and on the side of peace and justice. Andy Lopez isn’t the first casualty of institutional violence and racism, but if we work together, we can make his tragic murder stand for what we always strive for.

Cindy Sheehan will stand with the community of Santa Rosa and friends and family of Alex Lopez on November 5th at 1pm at Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa.

Will Jerry Brown be there to demand justice with the people?


  1. I am sorry for commenting as "anonymous", but even when I register and sign on, stupid WordPress brays "You do not own that identity" (This is how you treat me after trying to blog with you? Screw you, WordPress!), and I do not know how the heck I am supposed to use its features to comment.
    Anyway, I wish you the best, Cindy. i hope i am able to further support you and your noble cause. -Martin Ramirez

  2. As usual, you are using one story to justify a totally unrelated concept. This kid was told repeatedly to drop the 'gun', and chose not to. The shooting was entirely justified, if unfortunate.
    Perhaps his parents should consider their own culpability and avoid the de riguer exploitation of their son's death for fun and profit.
    Sound familiar, Cindy?

  3. Yep "drop them in their tracks and if they shout out, shoot them again." McAvoy is a piece of work isn't he?

  4. All the boy had to do was drop the gun. Period.


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