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Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose: (Soapbox Podcast 11/10/13)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
November 10, 2013


In 2009, Sarah Shourd and her two companions, Shane Bauer (now her husband) and Josh Fattal were hiking in Kurdistan, Iraq when they unknowingly crossed an unmarked border into Iran.

For 410 days, Sarah was kept in solidarity confinement as a political pawn to be used between the US and Iran.

Join Cindy and Sarah for a very inspiring conversation about perseverance and victory.

Sarah, Shane and Josh co-wrote a book coming out next year:



  1. In much of the world it is deemed wise to doubt the veracity of any American as I do (even if on on occasion worked for "Democracy Now" for that would be the perfect CIA cover story).

    I ask two questions 1 as to why Americans all so readily doubt that each and every American arrested overseas for spying is a spy; and 2. why not pointedly interview one of the many CIA agents who presented themselves as "progressive".like Gloria Steinem of Ms magazine front for the CIA and Peter Matthiessen Paris Review for the CIA?

    Where now this tact of interview draws you into question as paying lip service regarding the police state that can not and will not reform itself.

    1. You're saying I am CIA because I don't interview Gloria Steinham? WTF ever, dude. You're CIA. LOL

    2. Nice you have a sense of humor but you should fully quote me (and take things a little more seriously) as the question is in the current environment not who is CIA NSA FBI but who can be trusted.

      I recall Gus Hall was noted as approached by an FBI operative for two weeks straight acting (she deserved an Academy Award if they had such awards for agents) pretending she needed his autograph for a sonority initiation which the FBI wanted so as to keep tabs on him. I also recall someone I thought I knew very well for 30 years who I never know that was specifically mentioned in the HUAC Committee which he just simply forgot to mention

      But more serious the fact that you trivialize the question raises other questions of trust that ignores the involvement of intelligence in the American "left" if there is such a thing in this country as it seems Robert Culp and Bill Cosby (from ISpy, I know you are too young to remember that TV) stand across the street either sell drugs or work for the state or both, just as the Dutch Secret Service founded the Maoist "Marxist Leninist Organization of the Nederlands" on behalf of NATO and the CIA, just so they could send agents to speak with communist leaders abroad.

      To be clear at this point in history to presume the most innocuously seeming person can not be an agent is naive and dangerous. Furthermore, Gloria Steinem Ms magazine Peter Matthiessen Paris Review were exposed for their CIA connections but they still walk around as if innocent with barely any mention of their criminal involvement as I consider they involvement criminal as is the continued cover up of psychological warfare, counter-intelligence and political oppression in the United States of America. Where Mark Rudd of the "Weather men" could lecture the FBI Hostage Class on negotiating scenarios, and Timothy to get the heat off of him became an informer for the CIA on his trips aboard, as even George Orwell before his death became an informer for the Foreign Office against those he know for decades.

      So for people like you to come along with trite comments says a lot as no I did not say you were CIA but I could just as frivolously as you throw that around as I can see..

  2. What those three were actually doing there is a reasonable question from any state security or intelligence officer or agent. Officers or agents from Iran are no exception. Given the circumstances she got off relatively easy. It could have gone much worse for them... much, much worse.

    1. No, it's not a crime to accidentally hike somewhere near (without crossing until foreign agents drag you over) the Iraqi side of the Iranian border, and she did not "get off easy" for doing so. It's really anti-CIA to prop up foreign state institutions that torture and oppress, huh? Good interview.

    2. Know who was actually dragged over a border, unjustly tried and "convicted" by a racist kangaroo court, tortured and to this day lies languishing (dying) in federal prison? Leonard Peltier. Considering the circumstances, that the EMPIRE is trying to reoccupy Iran, they got off easy. Any potential CIA, MI-6 or Mossad infiltrant should think twice before attempting to enter Iran.

    3. Yes, as we know, only the triumvirate of Evil Western Culture can engage in espionage. Just like only leftist boobs can go hiking.

  3. Gloria Steinem interviews on how a liberal joins the CIA of course the CIA is an equal opportunity employer and hires any and every one they can even if they demonstarte against war.

  4. 'At this point, what does it matter?' Those immortal words, popularised by our would-be next president, Harridan-oops-Hilary Clinton, apply here.
    What these three poltroons were doing hiking ANYWHERE in that shithole of an armpit of the world is anyone's guess. As stupid as CIA, FBI Etc. are, no one is as stupid as these fools for being there, intelligentsia or not.
    They deserve what they got.
    Cindy, have you been hiking lately? I know a great place...


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