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Lost Cause? Cindy Sheehan for CalGov Demands Fairness from the Media

November 6, 2013

To whom it may concern at the L.A. Times

From: Cindy Sheehan, Candidate for Governor of California, Peace and Freedom Party

Subject: It would be great if the L.A. Times would cease and desist deliberately mis-informing its readers

cc: The People aka The Mis-informed 

I know that “Letters to the Editor” have a word limit of 150 words, but I am not writing to the editor, I am writing to not only you at the Times, but the media in general and I want the people of the State of California to be aware of what appears to be a campaign of ignoring a viable candidate for governor, namely, me.

I am writing in response to a recent article in your paper (Tea party favorite Tim Donnelly to run for governor,” Nov. 6, 2013); which, among other things, claims that this Tea Partier California Assembly Rep from SoCal is, “the sole candidate to announce a challenge to Brown.” I am not going to get into Donnelly’s flaws (which are many), in this piece, but I can’t even accuse your paper of shoddy reporting, because your paper reported on my announcement which was on August 27, (“Cindy Sheehan announces run for California governor” Aug 27, 2013) over two months before Donnelly announced. Holy Omission, Batman, the title of the article is Cindy Sheehan ANNOUNCES run for California governor. I don't know how it could be any more clear and simple than that? It is clear to me that you are simply and intentionally mis-informing and mis-leading your readers.

Your paper is fully aware that there are other candidates who have announced against Brown, but what your establishment mouthpiece really meant was that Donnelly is the only establishment candidate that has announced. Isn’t that what you meant? I can’t pretend that you weren’t aware of my candidacy, because anyone with half a brain can see that your paper is aware of it. (Unless you all have canceled your subscriptions, too?)

Reading between the lines (which is so easy to do in the establishment media), what your paper doesn’t report is as significant to those of us who bang our heads against the status quo of Republican/Democrat political monopoly as what it does write.

To recap: your paper knew that I announced; my campaign has filed paperwork with the Secretary of State; we have a public website; AND you had a reporter at my announcement, even though that person didn’t report on any of the serious matters I spoke of, he just tried to make it seem like a circus.

Along with the tragic passage of Proposition 14 (a travesty of Democracy, that your paper, not in the least bit surprisingly, endorsed), this total display of suppression of information about a serious third-party candidate also shows that the establishment is terrified of any opposing ideas, even when they come in a realm that the establishment rules: electoral politics. What are the Times and the Demo-Publican party so afraid of? The truth?

When I ran against Democrat Nancy Pelosi in then District 8 in San Francisco in 2008, even though there was another thorough media blackout of my dedicated and serious campaign, I came in second. As a non-affiliated candidate, I got twice as many votes at the Republican and almost 17% of the total vote. A crony establishment media colleague of yours, CNN, only reported on Nancy’s totals and those of the Republican. With such weak Republican candidates running, or potentially running, against Brown in 2014, there is a very real chance that I could beat the odds and come in second with Brown in June to go to the big “show” in November.

How awesome would that be to see two political opponents who actually have opposing viewpoints facing each other in a debate? Additionally, how amazing would it be for the people of California to see a candidate who would fight for them and not for big oil and private prisons, like Brown does?

This notice is a challenge to all the corporate media talking heads, even the so-called liberal and conservative ones. Give each and every candidate a fair hearing so that the people of California can make an educated and informed choice in these elections.

Money does not equal credibility or honesty for a candidate or proposition. In fact, the side with the most money is almost always the side that has sold the people down the corporate glory hole of war, environmental devastation, and economic ruin.

Give those of us who have made a conscious choice not to sell out our own principles and our human family to the highest corporate bidder a chance to express our views and vision.

Again, what are you afraid of? 




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  1. This is an excellent example of the korpRat m.e.DIA as the wings of the Vulture/War Birds/Pigs who FLY every time there is a grass-roots movement that threatens their private klubs. We can BEAT them, but it will take fighting them on their OWN turf...the OC/Inland E.M.Pyre.

  2. I told them this was a particularly clumsy bit of hackery and they need to do a feature story on your run by way of apology

  3. Fret not. Let's look at this in another light. The corporate presstitute's function is not merely to misinform and protect the "status decrepitude" but to insure that conditions get so thoroughly wretched that the populous will have no choice but rebel and throw off the foul misrule and corruption of the presstitute's owners.

  4. You poor deluded fools have reached a new high in self-absorbed paranoia!

    The LA rag is not required to follow every fringe nut that announces a candidacy.
    Doing so gains them nothing.

    The real offence here is that there are still newspapers AT ALL. Print is dead, and high time it is. There is nothing about the newspaper that belongs in the current world.

    Cindy's candidacy is just the most recent punchline in the 20+ year joke that has defined her life. She is laughable. She is no threat to anyone.

  5. The Collection Dept.November 14, 2013 at 8:47 PM

    So Kev. When are you going to send a check? "Abuse, like Freedom, is not Free." We figure your tab so far comes to about $50.00. Or is this a case of you being both stupid and cheap.

  6. You invited me. My regular appearance fee is much more than you can afford! I have never, ever , been abusive to you, Cindy. You cannot say the same. I don't hold with being hurtful to others, and such cruelty is unfair when dealing with mentally ill persons, such as yourself.

    So, has your Facebook fracas cost you 1,638 votes? Do you really expect more people than your little cadre of idiots to vote for you?

  7. "...when dealing with mentally ill persons, such as yourself."

    Please note. This is but one of the ways "The State" deals with opposition. Declaring some of them mentally incompetent and institutionalizing them. Of course it has other ways. But this appears to be the way "Big Brother" is trending here at this time if "McAvoy" is any indicator.

  8. What Kevin IS Meaning To SayNovember 16, 2013 at 8:25 AM

    "Do you really expect more people than your little cadre of idiots to vote for you?"

    What Kevin may be meaning to say, but is unable:

    I perceive that Cindy and those here do not see things entirely MY way. Though no genius I consider myself a reasonably intelligent individual. Since, they disagree and are in all likeIihood not geniuses, they MUST be idiots. Fair assessment?

    Kevin's lack of civility and respectful behavior (ie verbal abuse) is not beneficial to whatever point(s) he may be attempting to make or convincing others of the rightness" of whatever perspective(s) he has.

    Kevin. It may be a cliche, but YOU are your own worst enemy.

  9. Sad actually. As McAvoy continues to abuse he denies it.

  10. I have been no more abusive to you or your tiny little following than you and they have been to me, my point of view or the country that I love.

    You are an insult to human intelligence.


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