Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov Comprehensive Plan for Income Equality

Cindy Sheehan for Governor of California stands with other activists and socialists in calling or a 15/hr minimum wage, but we feel that even this falls far short of where we need to be in a society that has a more just distribution of wealth.
To equalize the distribution of wealth, along with a minimum wage, there must also be price freezes to start to drain some of the income from the deep and seemingly bottomless pockets of corporate CEOs and other management. Along with price freezes,

discussion of a "minimum" wage must also be accompanied by talk of a "maximum" wage indexed to what the lowest paid worker of any place of employment/corporation receives to insure a fairer distribution of profits.

Cindy Sheehan for California Governor is in complete agreement with the platform of the Peace and Freedom Party about employment and wages:

Labor and Full Employment:

  • We demand a socially useful job at union pay levels or a guaranteed dignified income for everyone.
  • We support the establishment of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to alleviate poverty and homelessness.
  • We call for a 30-hour work week for 40 hours' pay and abolition of forced overtime.
  • We demand a legally mandated annual paid vacation of at least 4 weeks.
  • We demand expansion and enforcement of job health and safety laws. We call for the restoration of all labor rights previously won by women and their extension to men as well.
  • We demand paid parental leaves and time off work for childcare.
  • No prison labor for private profit. Living wage and full union rights for any prison labor.
  • Defend workers' rights to organize, form union caucuses, strike, and boycott.
  • No replacement of striking workers.
  • Federally-funded public works programs to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and restore the environment.
  • International solidarity of workers against international capitalist schemes such as NAFTA and WTO in defense of jobs, wages, working conditions and environmental laws.
  • International trade agreements must guarantee the protection of workers and democratic rights in all participating countries.
  • A rank and file socialist-oriented labor movement to mobilize working-class people to assume ownership and control of the economy.



  1. A minimum wage is good, but should anyone starve or freeze? As a retiree, I think that a guaranteed income is what is fair and needed, as jobs are shipped out of the country. A promise of the ability to share in the wealth of the nation, no matter what is happening in "the markets" at the moment. And if the country is sinking, shouldn't we all go down together, the captains of industry and finance included?

    1. Cindy advocates for a guaranteed income for all.

  2. There you go with those tinhorn junta demands again.
    Will you use the purple goons to enforce your socialist idiocy? When will you dissolve the assembly and install a people's summary jury and loose the death squads on the corporate criminals? Before or after you close the media?
    When people like you run for office, you demean the ideals this country was founded on. You have no intention or even hope to be elected, yet you waste time and effort better spent on attainable goals.
    You continue this windmill tilting in spite of reality. You must still believe you have a message to deliver, Joan- err..Cindy.
    Has it never even occurred to you that no one cares what you have to say? Of course, I know you aren't interested in anything anyone else has to say.


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