"Bark if you think Jerry Brown is losing it." Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014

Although we here at Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014 think it's quite unusual to quote ones dog at a Stateof the State address, we would really like to focus on the substance.

The bottom-line for our campaign was when the Republican Senate Leader said after the address that Jerry Brown (D) is "sounding more like a Republican everyday."

With the steady and unrelenting rightward march of this state’s politicians we believe that our EPIC (End Poverty in California) campaign is needed more than ever.

We demand that the “surplus” that the state enjoys, combined with tax increases on the super-wealthy and corporations be used to increase spending on social programs and safety nets.

A recent published study states that 25% of our state’s children and 17% of all our population live below the Federal poverty line. There are currently about one million homeless people here in California and an unemployment rate of 8.7%.

The state is only "back" for Brown, his cronies in Big Oil, Big Ag and Big Prisons, his dog, and the other people who fill his 17 million dollar re-election chest.

California deserves a governor that will fight for all the people, not just the 1%.

Cindy Sheehan for CalGov 2014



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