Saturday, January 11, 2014

Join the Fight for 15/hr!


Dear friends and comrades, 

I send you greetings from California and also congratulate you again on your wonderful victory (Kshama Sawant) in Seattle!

I stand in solidarity with your call for a 15/hr minimum wage, but I believe this is just the first step in our struggle for a more just distribution of wealth…although and important and needed one.

To equalize the distribution of wealth, along with a minimum wage, there must also be price freezes to start to drain some of the income from the deep and seemingly bottomless pockets of corporate CEOs and other management. Along with price freezes, discussion of a "minimum" wage must also be accompanied by talk of a "maximum" wage indexed to what the lowest paid worker of any place of employment/corporation receives to insure a fairer distribution of profits. Hopefully, all this would lead to total worker control of the work place.

Good luck and I am with you always in the struggle. Call on us for anything!

Cindy Sheehan
Socialist Candidate for Governor of California
Peace and social justice activist


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