Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 Days for the Cuban 5 (SOAPBOX PODCAST: MAY 25, 2014)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 25, 2014

5 Days for the Cuban 5
WashedUp, DeCeit
June 5th-11th


Alicia is the US Coordinator for the International
Campaign to Free the Cuban 5.

Cindy and Alicia Chat about the case, cause, and the
upcoming mobilization in DC.


Alicia Visits Gerardo Hernanzez in Prison


  1. Only comments where the poster was respectful enough to leave his/her name will be published from now on. Cindy is courageous enough and respectful enough to post her thoughts and feelings under her own name, so please have the courtesy to do the same. Thanks

    this is actually a way for the racist trash to know who exactly is still interested in sheehan's "activism" without telling them directly. what racist trash? why kevin barrett among others in an interview january of this year:
    about the same time kevin's friend fetzer was revving up his "sandy hook hoax" con.
    sheehan has a lot of nerve talking about "courtesy" while letting herself be interviewed by a fucking nazi. an interview that isn't on this blog. another sign sheehan KNOWS what she's doing.

    hey, cindy doesn't have to publish this. she just needs to know she'll share the collective punishment of the truther conartists...until they wise up and leave people they conned alone.

    1. I published it, but you are way off base and your comments show such ignorance and hatred it's really pitiful. Maybe you should practice what you preach in your diatribe and lose "interest" in my activism? Or don't

  2. This isn't Barret's blog or Fetzer's blog---and this post is about the Cuban 5 and my you have anything constructive to say about this post?

    Why don't you go harass Obama for being interviewed by the racist trash he is interviewed by all the time?

    The more you post the more ignorant and hateful you away, you are harming your own cause (whatever that is).


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