Friday, June 20, 2014

Say "Yes" to Hillary: Two-Thousand and NEVER by Cindy Sheehan

Say Yes to Hillary: Two-Thousand and Never
Cindy Sheehan

Hellory by Anthony Freda

Right after Camp Casey the huge media circus/protest in front of George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas in August of 2005, I was invited to the home of Producer/Director/Actor Rob Reiner to meet and have a chat.  Also at that meeting was a major philanthropist (although I didn’t know it at the time) to all causes Clinton, wealthy Stephen Bing.
I naïvely believed that I was there because Rob Reiner and Steve Bing were against war. HAH! I was there because Rob and Steve were above all things (even peace and justice) pro-Democrat.
At this meeting, the suggestion was made to me that I should support the potential candidacy of then NY Senator Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. Bing looked me right in the eyes and said, “Senator Clinton is our only hope.”
“Our only hope for what? Perpetual war?,” I asked. I also reminded Steve and Rob that she not only voted for the war my son and hundreds of thousands of others were needlessly and tragically murdered in, but she proudly did grunt work for the Bush administration in being a chief-Democratic Cheerleader for it. After which, Bing looked me right in the eyes again and said, “Mrs. Clinton is against the war, and she will come out against it when it is politically advantageous to do so.”
Well, even though I am not a multi-multi-millionaire with fancy homes and a private jet, I would not sell my soul to the Reiners or Bing to support a person who was/is so thoroughly opposed to everything I believed in.
My suspicions about Hillary Clinton were confirmed in a meeting I had with her on Capitol Hill about a month later where she said that the US had to remain in Iraq to “honor” the sacrifices of those that had died after I told her that I didn’t want my son’s death honored with more murder and mayhem.
I suppose since Hillary is potentially running for POTUS in 2016, it has become “politically advantageous” for her to come out with “regret” for her vote, saying in her new book about her pro-war vote: “I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I got it wrong. Plain and simple.”
Well, also "plain and simple," millions of people are dead, wounded, displaced, lives ruined. That she can be so glib about being a dumb shit while my son, and too many others, are dead forever really pisses me off. 
With the Empire beating the drums for more war against Iraq, don’t believe a word this shill for Wall Street and the War Machine says about her Iraq vote or anything else—ALL WAR IS WRONG and anyone who votes for it is a murderer, period!
As Secretary of State, Hillary cackled hysterically when after a US bombardment of Libya, killing tens of thousands, Moammar Qadafi was slaughtered in the streets: “We came; we saw; he died.” (She's as psychopathic as the male warmongers).
I not only don’t believe her “politically advantageous” admission, I don’t believe she was fooled into voting the way she did. A lot of us never bought what the Bush administration was selling (SEE, White House Iraq Group) and we weren’t in the Cat Bird’s Seat in DC like was she. All of these people (Hillary included) should be in prison for life, not out raking in the big dough and running for public office.
Please do not mistake that this exposé of Hillary Clinton, Two-Thousand and NEVER is an endorsement of whatever shill will be nominated by the Republicans that year, it’s not.
I am desperately disappointed that out of the ashes of Obama’s havoc wreaking on the world, a new and principled antiwar movement has not arisen and that people like Bing and Reiner did not one day say, “Hey, I do care about the world more than I care about Democrats.”
Sadly, what the hell will it take?


  1. Another defeat in Iraq probably.

    Thanks for all you do for us all, Cindy.

  2. Great and honest article, Cindy!

  3. We opposed the illegal invasion of Iraq in LUV News and said there were no weapons of mass destruction, offering hard evidence from the world's leading experts on Iraqi weapons, prior to the disastrous invasion.

  4. Knowingly lying about why you send our brave armed forces into harm's way is not only the ultimate, cynical breach of the public trust, but is also a capital crime. We let them get away with murder, literally.

  5. I venture to say that we are seeing change now, in slo-mo, and that makes it difficult to see at all. However the tide has turned and even the television-bound morons in this country can feel it. What will come is frightening chiefly because it's an unknown.

    Thank you for speaking truth, taking a stand and being strong when so many, from bottom to top, were not.


  6. Let's face it. Both parties are a scam. Hillary is scary. Repubs are words left to describe them.


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