Friday, July 4, 2014

Silenced, again by Cindy Sheehan

Silenced, again
Cindy Sheehan

Recently I was approached by The Guardian in the UK to record a question for Hillary Clinton as the newspaper was planning on doing a live interview with the potential presidential candidate today, the 4th of July.

The person who emailed me said that the paper was soliciting questions for people around the world and would I like to do this. I jumped at the chance because she has long been a nemesis of mine. 

The taped question was due on Monday, June 30th, so for a week, I stewed about and formulated the question. I sought advice from trusted friends and colleagues and was ready to tape the question the Sunday night before. 

The afternoon of the taping, I went to a reception in SF and was on a rooftop in pretty rare (for SF) heat for four hours and was stuffed with my fellow sardines (Gay Pride Parade day) on a very stuffy and hot BART train back and forth to the 'burbs. By the time I figured out the technology to record my question it was late Sunday night and I was fried. However, I eventually stumbled through and got the question into The Guardian in plenty of time.

Everyone who knew I was given the opportunity to question Clinton said a few things: "She won't give you a straight answer." (Duh, she's Hillary Clinton AND a slimy politician) and "The Guardian won't ask your question." (I was sure that my question would be asked).

My position was that the words of any Clinton or slimy politician can rarely be trusted and the people who predicted that The Guardian wouldn't pose my question to Clinton were correct.

I just received an email from my contact saying that they allegedly ran out of time. I will not assign nefarious intentions, but I am disappointed in the time I wasted and will naturally speculate if my question was purposefully eliminated. Did Clinton's people censor the interview?

Oh,'s what I would have asked her.


  1. Great thought provoking question will only compel lies and propaganda from artillery Hillary and all those who shill for empire and its military industrial complex.

  2. That question would cut right through her posturing. So sorry it was not asked. Even blowhard Donald Trump responds to any who call him out (however clumsily). You'd think Hill's people would want to show she can handle tough and thoughtful questions.

  3. No way in hell would Hellary have answered that question.

  4. I agree with you all. If Hillary did answer Cindy's question, the answer, in typical lawyer fashion, would have avoided a direct and honest answer, skirting around the question itself.

    There is nothing liberal or progressive about Ms Clinton, even though she is the darling of the faux liberal/progressives who shill for the Democratic Party, who will probably promote her in the next election.

    In contrast, Ms Sheehan is a shinny star in the darkest of nights, illuminating the path to truth and honesty.

  5. Perfect Cindy! Peace & Love my dear friend!


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