Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Antiwar Re-enactment: The Spring of Love (March 13-17: Save the Date)

As should be glaringly obvious, the United States of America, as a whole, is lovingly devoted to its wars. In school, we learn the history of this Empire from war to "shining" war and the history of the USA's expansion is one of genocide and slavery cloaked in a holy manifest from God. 

To wit, War Re-enactments are very popular with a certain subset of our culture that not only worship war, but want to be part of the "glorious" wars whose evil karma have combined to get us to this point: War is our religion and Obama is the current High Priest of this cult. The same people who opposed war during the Bush stain support war during the Obama stain and those that supported war during the Bush stain think Obama needs to ritually bathe in even more blood.

So, obviously, again, most people in the USA aren't actually anti-war and are definitely not anti-Empire. Even though the recent climate march in NYC was a success if one counts success not by efficacy, but by numbers, we who still remain in the peace movement feel lucky if we can pull in a hundred to our demos opposing the bloody hand of Empire.

To this end, the Soapbox People's Network is sponsoring an "Antiwar Reenactment" in Washington, DC from March 13-17.

The sneaky thing is, even though we will perform exciting reenactments of anti-Vietnam war protests, teach-ins, sit-ins, etc.,  and we hope we get thousands and everyone dresses up in their best '60's and '70's gear, we will really be demanding an end to war and Empire. 

Bottom-line: If you are a supporter of Obama's foreign policy (leaving aside his disastrous domestic issues), you are a supporter of MurderInc and Empire. I know most of you don't really support these policies but for some weird reason think you need to circle the wagons around The First Black President™who is just as vigorously an Able Servant of Empire™as the 43 white guys before him. "Humanitarian Intervention™" is not only an oxymoron, but a big propagandistic myth to get you to support murder and mayhem from a (D).

We need the numbers to demonstrate to the War Machine that we care more about the people they bomb than the Two Party scam they have been running for decades now.

We are in the very larval stages of organizing right now, but if you would like to help in any way, please email:

Dede Miller: Dede4Peace@gmail.com

We will need to raise $; have ride-sharing; housing; materials; PR; organizers; (no permits, we don't believe in them); and more.

So, dust off your love beads and polish up the VW Van and plan on joining us for all or part of our Weekend of Love (for humanity).

Stay tuned for more info. 

Peace out, for now! 

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