Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Thank you to all who showed up to hear brave, eloquent voices of peace, sanity and morality at Occupy Peace in Kingston. NY.

Some random impressions I took away from this important event:

We live in an age where war crimes are routine and met with excuses instead of indictments.

HALF of the federal budget goes to fund the war machine.

We have a Constitution that gives us the power to fix our corrupt system, but we don't use it.

I am anti-war, not just anti-Republican war.

We have glittering gambling casinos and crumbling schools and infrastructure.

We live in a country where inertia, apathy and cynicism are the rule, but if a small fraction of us take action, we can change history.

We can write a bill that would mandate all eligible children of members of Congress join the military when Congress votes to start a new war of aggression.

People in other countries are literally dying to get the freedoms we have while we give them away without a fight.

Peace is a tough sell in the age of Obama, because Democrats care more about party loyalty than any ideals of peace and freedom.

We live in a perverse time where partisan hypocrisy is hidden in plain sight and only a few dare point it out.

If a Republican were committing global acts of military aggression instead of a Democrat, the anti-war movement would be a powerful, political force in this country. 

When you vote for war, don't be surprised when you get it. It does not matter if their name is Bush or Clinton.

Freedom is participation in power.


Cindy's speech :

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  1. Foreign wars have always been problematic for the US. Most annoying that we had to spend so much to equip, train, send and base our boys in foreign lands. Why, some of these backward places don't even speak English!
    Then we were taken to task having to find the bad guys and kill them. Such a waste of America's bounty.
    Now, war as a global reallocation of our money to take out, then replace all these troublesome foreigners is a thing of the past. We have an army of pimply faced dorks that have trained on vide-ya games to fight the enemies of freedom to direct ever increasingly intelligent weapons to snuff the turds. Go drones! Go USA!


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