Saturday, November 7, 2015


Dear Friend/Supporter,

2015 has been a personally and globally challenging year.
Even though the US Imperial Stormtroopers are tromping all over the world (at the behest of Emperor Obama), the response by the people has been utterly underwhelming.

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox organized one of the only protests against war this year in WashedUp, DeCeit this past March called Spring Rising. People are still dying; the president is still lying; mothers are still crying; yet the silence of the antiwar movement is deafening.

About the personal challenge, I have been helping my sister and fellow peace comrade Dede Miller heal from stage 4 breast cancer.

We have aggressively fought the invader with traditional and alternative treatments. Dede has one more session of chemotherapy and then we will know better where we stand, but overall, it seems she is doing better: However, along with being her main caregiver, I have had to do everything for the Soapbox on my own (with the help of a few volunteers and ALL of my wonderful podcast guests).

On a more cheerful note, my five grandchildren are growing and thriving and the baby will be one year old, soon.

The grandkids bring me so much joy and love, but also steel my reserve to do everything I am able to make the world better for them and their child comrades around the world. We who have been given much have the requirement to do more: we live in the Evil Empire that disregards peace, justice, and universal prosperity, so, in my opinion, we need to be the ones to do more to stop it.

My goal has always been to alleviate suffering, particularly the suffering that the Stormtroopers perpetuate all over the world and that will be my goal as long as I am physically able, but I need your help.

Please consider making a tax deductible (if you choose) donation for 2015.

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Thank you!

Love and Peace,

Cindy Sheehan


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