Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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 María Páez Victor
 Correo Canadiense, Toronto
7 December 2015

It is my hope that the international right-wing and its minions in the Venezuelan opposition will have the honesty of admitting that the government of Venezuela is not a dictatorship but a democracy, because the opposition has just won an ample majority in the National Assembly. But I think I will be left with that wish not granted because their favourite weapon is to lie to the media. For example, Hillary Clinton unashamedly announced that President Maduro was planning to commit fraud, thus she showed her profound ignorance of the Venezuelan electoral process; a process that her fellow party member, former president of the USA, Jimmy Carter has deemed the best in the world.
I am proud of the election authorities of the Armed Forces loyal to the Constitution and of my Venezuelan people who voted in peace and order.
However, it was not a contest between the government and the opposition: it was a contest between Venezuela and the government of the USA which planned the economic war, advised the opposition and gave $18 million dollars to NGOs that carried out the destabilizing activities that the CIA cannot do openly. If in anything the Venezuelan government failed it was in failing to reign in those NGOs that bought and intimidated people with their propaganda and dollars.

It has to be faced: the economic war triumphed. When Nixon decided to overthrow Allende he gave an order to make the economy of Chile “scream:” And so it was then and now in Venezuela. Taking advantage of the low oil prices they promoted massive hoarding and smuggling and soaring prices, without caring for the suffering of the people. The opposition only wants to perpetuate its privileges. It is not a coincidence that the three most notorious opposition leaders (Capriles, López and Machado) come from the most ultra-wealthy families of the country.

But Chavismo is not dead, not by far. It is the most known and coherent political force in many decades. It has changed the political culture of the country. The opposition has no plan for the country further than “to get rid of the Chavistas” and it is formed by disparaging personalities and parties that openly antagonize each other.

Now that they will have governmental responsibilities they will face this dilemma: if, as if by magic, the lack of goods and high prices disappear, it will be clear evidence that they themselves were the agents of the economic war, and thus they will help restore the popularity of President Maduro. But if they do not manage this economic turnaround , they will have gone back on their electoral promises, and the people will pay them back at the next election.

And there the Chavistas will be, with the people, prepared for victory.



  1. What a load of crap!
    Has this woman even been in Venezuela during the last 20 years?


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