Creatures of the Day by Cindy Sheehan

Creatures in Love 
(Bush and Pelosi--supposed enemies)

Creatures of the Day
Cindy Sheehan

noun: creature; plural noun: creatures

           *a fictional or imaginary being, typically a frightening one.
        "a creature from outer space"

Donald Trump is a scary creature who has been making some wildly fascistic statements particularly about Muslims and “illegal” immigrants on the campaign trail. In my opinion, he is a clown who is beneath contempt, but many Americans are flocking to his campaign, not because they love Trump, but because many of our fellow USAians are closed-minded bigots.

On the other side of the easily bamboozled, others are flocking away from his campaign to the creatures on the other side of the aisle because they must believe the hype: hype is what gives some hope. (“There’s a sucker born every minute”). Trump is being called “anti-American” for his statements, but Trump is unfortunately articulating the worst part of what it really means to be “American” in the tradition of the most abusive and violent Empire in human history. Maybe a class on what it REALLY means to be an “American” is in order?

If we lived in a just and compassionate society, Trump would be properly ostracized.

Obama is another a creature who not only walks free (as free as one can with a phalanx of over-armed security). Trump agitates hatred for Arab-Muslims, but Obama is a mass-murderer who has been responsible for murdering tens of thousands of them. Obama has dramatically increased the police state here in the US and no Demo-libs are calling him “fascist.”  Where is the tingle of intellectual inconsistency when Trump routinely is attacked for his statements about immigration after the Obama regime’s immigration policy has deported more immigrant workers and separated more families than any other president before him? There is no disconnect with Demo-libs because justification for Obama’s crimes has become an Olympic level training event for them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an imperialist warmonger with decades behind her of supporting war and economic terrorism around the world. As US Secretary of State, she out-war mongered the war mongers at the War Department. The only description that can be made of Clinton’s glee over the horrendous murder of Qaddafi in Libya is “euphoric cackling.” Many of Clinton’s supporters are in denial about her being the Head Demo-lib Cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq, but the proof is out there.

All of these creatures are just by-products of Imperialist-Capitalism and the problem with these periodic elections is that most voters here in the USA believe that the real issue is with personalities and not systemic oppression and propaganda.

What do we really believe is more influential in the sham of US elections?

A) Your 1/100 millionth of a vote?

B) Super-PAC money?

C) Propaganda?

D) Democracy delusions?

E) DNC Super-delegates/Electoral College?

F) The Supreme Court?

G) Corruptible voting machines?

If you answered “A” you’re incorrect—-if you answered “Everything but A” you’ are closer to the truth.

It is my opinion, which has been born out by history, that presidential elections, in particular, are major distractions and time/energy vampires of the working class. This is true especially when workers/voters do not organize to support candidates or issues that would actually benefit the working-class; instead rallying around creatures of the prevailing political establishment who are apparently there to demobilize the profound power of workers united.

Why do I call the political personalities of the “Demopublican” Party, “creatures?” Most people say, “Donald,” “Hillary,” “Bernie,” “Jeb,” or “George,” when referring to these creatures like they are our friends. For the most part, these people do not share or care about our values or what we need to not just survive, but thrive—they send our young to kill or be killed and then live their lives in the light of day. They don’t behave like humans with feelings or compassion—they behave like frightening beings, not from “outer-space,” but emerge from the capacity of the masses to believe the lies of the Empire. We are also taught to believe that the masses are not entitled to the peace and prosperity which the creatures enjoy at our expense.

Creatures of the day are shameless and deserve nothing but contempt and prison.


  1. Cindy, I Must agree with you On Most of What Is Written here...( Did YOU write this ? ) I have a great deal of confidence in you,,and in your first-hand observations. I`m even 'sorta agreeing with you concerning D. Trump...But Not all. True He is Sometimes Abrasive.. Even Outspoken at times..[ when he should Tone it down a bit.] But I Do think HE has "Taken this tack' A few times In order to Draw More Attention to His Messages That Needed to be Put out There..In a Big WAY..Because It was Obvious 'The People Were not Cognizant how Essential it was..that They Wake up out of their Stupor..And Pat Attention to WHAT is Going on here inside This Country.. that IS Burying Us. If he Didn`t resort to Being ""Abrasive..And If he Hadn`t dropped the 'Political Correctness' That
    is so pervasive IN this Guvmt. We Would Never Learn The Truth..About What b. Obama is Busy doing behind our Backs..( And Against The Best interest for This Country..His So-Prevalent-Politically- motivated Executive "" Mandates '' have been Done behind Our Backs. Time Someone Spoke up "Loud and Clear' To The Citizens..What is... being Pulled On us. If it Took Someone Like D. Trump to Get The Word OUT..Then So Be it.. This Country Is in Dire need of Our Borders Being Erected >>And The Laws of THIS Country To be RESPECTED..And Followed. Enuff With This Illegal Immigration That Obama Has encouraged .. It IS Necessary that A Total Halt be Put into effect >>Against All Muslims Who Come Into This Country..Without Taking THE Proper Route TO ""Legally '' Enter OUR country. How Many more "Killings is it Going to Take To Put A Stop to All these Illegals Slipping in our Country..Living off Our Meager Resources ? I say' meager'' because THAT Is What IT has become NOW..Our Citizens Are Suffering..And Matters Get Worse With Every Bunch of Illegals That Slip In. This Is not Being Hard Hearted. This Is being Protective Of This Country. IT Has TO Stop ! This IS What D.Trump Knows..And What Everyone Who Values Our Country..Must Realize AND Act Accordingly. If IT Took A ''Loud Donald Trump to Get this Message across..So Be IT !! The 'Only Ones Complaining About him..ARE Those Who Can`t control him..He Has His OWN Money-war-chest !!.. And Can`t be manipulated like SO Many Others ARE. Thank God For this "Thick-skinned ""Mouth-piece ! ' More like Him// ARE Needed. Thank YOU VGF

    1. I in no way wish to deprive you of your opinion regarding Trump's campaign, it is your right of course to hold whichever opinions seem correct to you.

      i do find myself forced to oppose that stated opinion, however, if only for the fact that Trump's campaign is one of divisiveness , bigotry, fosters hatred and not a joining together. This nation needs a leader who brings us together, the opposite of a demagogue like the Donald.

      His bluff and bluster is far from the truth of that with which he addresses, and his Presidency would actually harm this nation both domestically and with our allies.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Of course I wrote this piece (my name's on it."

    A lot of people think Trump is just in it to help HRC. Makes sense to me.

  3. "Many of Clinton’s supporters are in denial about her being the Head Demo-lib Cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq, but the proof is out there."

    To be fair, she had little room to do otherwise. Senator Clinton opposing it would have been a repudiation of the chief work of her husband's presidency.

    See the explanation of the law and policy, fact basis of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Excerpt:
    The key to understand President Bush's decision to "enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq" (Public Law 107-243) with Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) lies with President Clinton's enforcement of the Gulf War ceasefire as it peaked in 1998 with Operation Desert Fox (ODF). Clinton's entire presidency was preoccupied with Saddam Hussein's noncompliance with the Gulf War ceasefire United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions (UNSCRs), principally UNSCRs 687 and 688. Bush's case against Saddam was really Clinton's case against Saddam, updated from 9/11. Likewise, Bush's enforcement procedure with OIF carried forward Clinton's enforcement procedure for Iraq, updated from ODF, the penultimate military enforcement step.
    OIF is often isolated out of context and misrepresented as a new policy by Bush. In fact, Operation Iraqi Freedom was the coda of the US-led enforcement of the UNSC resolutions for Iraq that began when Saddam seized Kuwait in 1990 and continued through the subsequent Gulf War ceasefire. President Bush inherited Saddam's "clear and present danger to the stability of the Persian Gulf and the safety of people everywhere" (Clinton) and carried forward the Iraq enforcement from President Clinton.

  4. We continue to 'elect' people that refuse to represent the people that put them in office. That's OUR fault.
    We keep them there long after we know they're corrupted because we are terrified that the hated opposition will take away our 'majority'.
    So, it makes perfect sense to chuck it all, overthrow the gummint and put in a sociialist ruling class, which has been so successful in the past. At least then we won't have to bother with all that bourgeoisie voting nonsense.


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