Sunday, March 13, 2016


The future is place where people will believe that giving up their liberty will help fight terror and save the Earth.
(It will do neither)

The future is a place where your every move will be recorded, tracked and analyzed without you even knowing it.
(Because They-hate-your-freedumb)

The future is a place where your car will drive itself with the promise of giving you more freedom and autonomy.
(You will lose both)

The future is a place where "humanitarian" wars will continue to destroy millions of human lives and fuel terror.
(To keep you safe)

The future is a place where your neighborhood police will look and act like soldiers on a battlefield.
(To protect and serve)

The future is a place where drugs, media and technology will used respectively to keep you sedated, misinformed and distracted from the fact that
The Future Doesn't Like You.

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