411 on Venezuela with guest Eva Golinger (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/1/16)

May 1, 2016

GUEST: Eva Golinger and Venezuela Strategy Group
TOPIC: Venezuela currently and US meddling there

This week on The Soapbox we present Venezuelan/American author/attorney Eva Golinger and a recent talk she gave about current affairs in Venezuela and the current state of US meddling in those affairs.

This presentation was part of the monthly conference call for the Venezuela Strategy Group (VSG)

If you'd like more information on the VSG, please contact
Chuck Kauffman of Alliance for Global Justice


  1. Venezuelans love their beer, and the only way the socialistas will regain power is to keep the public drunk and stupid. To hell with free press and freedom of expression! Roll out the barrels.

    1. Check it out. The beer shortage in VZ is being exploited by the commies, who blame it on the legally elected only-slightly-less-leftist government.
      But, more directly, how does socialism serve the people there? The current government there got there because of the abject failure of General Chavez' junta.
      It will take years for the poor folks there to undo the damage. Socialism there has accomplished only what it has offered all the other SocioCommie experiments: Inflation, shortages, substandard medical care, overwhelming alcoholism and social ennui.


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