Saturday, October 15, 2016

The US Brings World to the Brink of Nuclear War by Cindy Sheehan


October 14, 2016  - "teleSur"-  What’s happening in Syria has been going on for over five years and it's not a civil war.
U.S. imperialism has been exporting disaster around the world for over a century now, but not since the “Cuban” missile crisis in 1962, has the U.S. put the world on the brink of such a disaster as we are witnessing today.

The conflict began as a U.S.-funded effort to depose President Bashar Assad and install a puppet government in Damascus friendly to U.S. interests. I am sure there are some legitimate forces in Syria who oppose the government of Assad, but the U.S. does not care about democracy—afterall Assad was elected by his people.

Also in Syria, approximately one dozen militias are not only trying to overthrow the Assad government but they are also fighting amongst themselves . The ranking Democrat on the U.S. Congressional House Intelligence Committee, uber-Zionist Adam Schiff of California, said of the phenomena of CIA-funded militias fighting in places like Aleppo, “It’s part of the three-dimensional chess game.” This chess game, played by empires for millennia, profit the wealthy and as always, the people pay the heavy price.

Today we learned that China is contemplating joining Russia and Syria in their alliance to protect the sovereignty of Syria and for stabilization in the Middle East. 
The U.S. has long invaded and provoked weaker countries like Afghanistan and Iraq which have little hope of retaliating but nonetheless use what resources they have to fight off U.S. imperialism. However, provoking Russia in places like Syria and Ukraine seems to be the height of arrogance and stupidity on the part of the U.S. 
For many years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the rational actor in this insane U.S. provocation, but Russia is getting ready to fight back—reportedly holding civil defense drills, warning Russians abroad, and even testing nuclear missiles. 

Some of us see no hope for the mis-leaders here in the U.S. to provide some sanity in its foreign policy. In the last U.S. presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the war criminal Clinton reaffirmed her hardcore stance to go to war with Russia, through Syria, if necessary. Clinton also declared her support for a "no fly zone" over Syria, which the chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said would require 70,000 U.S. troops to maintain and would definitely mean war with Russia.

Even though Russia has been invited into Syria by the government—as rational people who are filled with apprehension over the reality of this danger—we should be calling on all world leaders to pause in their rush to war. 

But the only thing that can really stop imperialist carnage is an international working-class force, refusing to be used as cannon-fodder for capitalism, and instead fighting for socialism. 

Our very survival as a species depends on international solidarity.


  1. Russia and China are imperialist countries too, albeit to a lesser extent than the US is. Russia's involvement in the Ukraine has been nothing short of an imperialist war crime. Ukrainians by and large despise the Russians (and for good reason given their proximity and Russia's violent oppression against them) so it should be no surprise that many Ukranians would prefer the American puppet over the Russian one. But I won't defend any of it because I believe all countries should be left alone to their own sovereignty which is something neither the US or Russia believes in. The battle between the US and Russia is simply a battle between imperalist rivalries much like WW2 was, neither side can claim any moral high ground and both will be responsible for bringing us to our doom. I'm sure if Russia didn't have any geopolitical interest in Syria they would not be involved there. They certainly aren't involved for any selfless noble cause like defending sovereignty which Russia does not care about as proven by their illegal involvement in the Ukraine.

  2. Joseph, you can have your opinion, but not your own facts. You claimed: "Russia's involvement in the Ukraine has been nothing short of an imperialist war crime." Since when the invaders can be the victims and the invades the war criminals?
    I don't know what you know about the Ukraine fiasco, but Russia wasn't the one that started all, but America. There is also an adage that says: "You can have the cake and eat it also. If Russia and China, "To a lesser extent" you said, how can Russia be a war criminal for defending their citizens, their land constitute war crimes?
    You want war crimes? I'll give you war crimes and not just war crimes per se, but we have, right now in our midst, confessed war criminals and our government, Europe, NATO won't touch them with a ten Ft. pole. Actually, an international court of justice, has found them, the Bush administration, of war crimes and yet, I haven't heard, nor seen any court prosecuting Russians for war crimes, ergo, check your sources and come and join the world of truth, facts.
    Here the facts: "George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Found Guilty of War Crimes - Esquire"
    Actually, Google war crimes by the Bush administration and see the many sources that corroborate they, indeed, are war criminals. Can you hear me now?

  3. The U.S. empire does what empires do. There never has been a ''good'' empire.
    The check & balance in the U.S. Constitution is that the Congress is the branch
    of government that has the authority to declare war.
    The fact that our government doesn't obey the Constitution regarding war
    ( and also the Bill of Rights ) means that there is no chance in hell that
    citizens can do anything about it -- even if citizens were aware of what's going on.


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