Prison for "43," not Praise by Cindy Sheehan

Prison for "43," not Praise
Cindy Sheehan

“The thing about this, is that Donald has now done something I thought he would never do. I like — I like the fact that George Bush — I like George Bush now, is what I’m trying to say. I’m having trouble saying it.”
Joy Behar of The View 

The war criminal George Bush has been out on a media tour promoting his book of portraits with the subjects being US troops that his implementation of the war machine's policies during his regime wounded.

First of all, some are calling this book some kind of an "atonement." I disagree, the word "atonement" implies that there is some kind of regret for a person's deeds. I have never heard George Bush express any kind of regret for the disastrous invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that violently continue to today. The fact that any of the troops agreed to have him paint their portrait only gives George additional validation that what he did was for "freedom and democracy."

I know this because I see commercials for such organizations as the Wounded Warrior Project (criticized for the fact that very little of the donations actually get to wounded warriors), where the permanently defaced and scarred veterans who have lost: "family, jobs, limbs, and their former lives" all say, "I would do it again." Sigh, there has been so much exposed about the lies and marketing that led the US to these unjust and criminal wars that I wonder "why" would anybody do that "again?" It was bad enough that they did it the first time.

That leads to all the people that cannot have an opinion about the criminality of these wars: the dead. Like my son and thousands of other US troops; or the over one million Iraq and Afghan civilians that are dead---or the babies being born right up until today with gross deformities; or all the children being diagnosed with leukemia and other cancers. If George really wanted to atone, he would go and set up a studio in Fallujah and paint the people of Iraq who are still paying for his sins. I would contribute to a Kickstarter campaign for that. Or, he can go do a book event in Kandahar--see how many come out to heap praise on him, there.

Stand by Your War Criminal

The most bizarre aspect of George's "rehabilitation" tour is the liberal Dem-bots who are now saying that he isn't such a bad guy because he has been mildly criticizing Donald Trump. The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend, and is STILL a war criminal who is roaming free and earning money and praise from partisan hacks.

I hate (not really, I love) to burst your bubbles: George Bush is only out rehabilitating his name to make the Bush brand acceptable to pave the way for his brother Jeb. In 2015, Donald Trump used the scandal of George's regime to knock Jeb out of the primaries. George Bush is not a budding liberal, he is just following in the footsteps of his crime-family which has been harming this country and the world for generations.

The Bush regime, along with the Obama regime (and Clinton, to boot) should be on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity for all the wars and oppression in this country. Liberals who defend (and didn't oppose) Obama and now are praising Bush are part of the reason Trump is in office. Trump is just the current manifestation of imperialism and capitalism that has ruled in this country since day one, not an aberration.

George Bush is nothing but a thug in an expensive suit that got all the advantages that capitalism has to offer and turned into a mass murderer; a serial killer of nations: To see his image being softened up is not only personally hurtful to me, it says nothing good about the USA. Nuremberg was made for people like Bush and Darth Cheney, yet Bush is kicking up his heels with talk show host Ellen Degeneres when he should be rotting in a prison cell.


  1. Thank you. I cant stand the purification if that despicable excuse for a human. I wish we could forever stop that gene pool from spawning.

  2. The article explains why so many are still wondering how Trump was able to take office. George W. Bush is still a much bigger puppet than Trump, and Obama both paved the way for new faces on the same US imperialism. Bush should by all rights be in jail with Cheney, Obama and even the Clintons (take your pick!). Crime families have ushered in the 'endless war' syndrome the American public swallows daily, yet cannot understand why their government is out of control. Wake up people of the US, before it's too late!

  3. The saddest part of the whole matter is the soldiers who say they would do it all over again. As one who wasted a year of his life in Vietnam 50 years ago, I wouldn't do it all over again. I'd have gone to Canada.

  4. Excellent Cindy, as always. It appears that "war criminal" is a prerequisite for Chief Executive of the Corporate States of America. It was only a matter of time before the corporate media began to think the masses forgot about the Bush lies and illegal invasion and foisted him on us again.

  5. Quite right, Cindy-- it's beyond appalling and grotesque that progressive-liberal lites, however traumatized by Trump's election, would suddenly find redeeming qualities in the abominable Dubya.

    But then again, the Democratic Party Establishment and its credulous, submissive, and even desperate supporters-- including pundit sympathizers and the Hollywood glitterati-- spent the last year lavishing unconditional positive regard upon Dick Cheney in a pantsuit.

    Go figure!

    Best wishes, and keep on truckin'! ♥ ☮

  6. Right-o Cindy. Exactly right! What she said!

  7. I agree with the sentiment but it is another example of the power of the person. One of the reasons that GW is being like now is not just any criticizum of Trump but on the talk show circuit he comes across as a decent guy with a self depreciating sense of humour. Being able to say things in a positive way is more important to the speaker than what they have to say as demonstrated by Clinton, Obama and #45 They all has a different approach but they all struck a chord with their audience.

    1. Yeah, I hear such serial killers as Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were also very charismatic and likeable. However, no matter how terrible their crimes, were, don't come close to scratching the surface of US imperialism.

  8. *smh* Thank you Cindy. I lost friendships because of my belief that W and Cheney belong in jail for heinous war crimes. We hoped for something better from Obama but didn't get it. The only difference between Dump and the past presidents is that they were dressed nice and had better manners. They are all a bunch of greedy narcissistic sociopaths. They use threats and blackmail to get their way. They care nothing for We The People. Thank you for standing up and inspiring others to do so as well. Big hugs to you from an actual loving and compassionate Texan. W does not represent the majority of us. <3

  9. Cindy, at some point you need to let go. If you make friends with idiots and mass murderers, you must forgive Bush. You have already shaken the Devil's hand.

    1. "idiots and mass murderers?" You mean, like Bush? And come to think of it, I did shake hands with Bush once. I will "let go" when BushCo are in prison---so looks like I'm not letting go any time soon.


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