"Russiagate" Conspiracy Theory: A Pretext to a Coup by Anthony Freda

I am not a supporter or defender of Trump, I Am a supporter and defender of Truth.
When political operatives in the Deep State collude with the discredited, but still oddly influential mainstream media to destroy someone, this dastardly duo cannot be stopped.
Even by arguably the most powerful person in the world.
The same intelligence agencies and media who lied us into the Iraq War now tell us the president is colluding with Russia.

There are plenty of reasons to resist Trump. His continuation of Obama's illegal spying campaign and Hillary's hawkish foreign policy are good places to start.

The "Trump-is-a-Russian-Stooge-and-Putin-Hacked-the-Election" conspiracy theory has been widely disproven as there has not been one iota of evidence to support the narrative.
The tall tale is a conjured, faux scandal designed to undermine the president's legitimacy (According to Julian Assange) and lay the pretext for impeachment.
The Machiavellian scheme is going brilliantly according to plan as the lies are repeated ad-nauseum to a gullible and receptive public.
In a feeding frenzy of vitriolic and politically motivated yellow journalism, the corporate fake news masters vomit up a daily menu of Russophobic and NeoMcarthyistic headlines written to misinform the populace and foster support for a coup.

It does not matter to the conspiracy theorists that Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) said publicly on May 4 that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has seen no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump's campaign aides and Russian officials, or that the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on May 8 that he still has not seen any evidence of any kind of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian foreign nationals.

Putin himself recently addressed the increasingly volatile state of affairs in American politics, saying that pushers of the ‘Russian conspiracy theory' are either "stupid" or "dangerous and corrupt."
"You know what surprises me? Those who are destabilizing the internal US political situation using anti-Russian slogans either don't understand that they are bringing this nonsense in on their own side, and then they are just stupid, or else they understand everything, and then they are dangerous and corrupt people."

Trump clearly has enemies in his cabinet leaking to the press. I don't recall the MSM reporting any high-level private conversations of Obama or Hillary in the last eight years, and now it happens every day. They refused to report the misdeeds of Hillary revealed by Wikileaks and actively worked to obfuscate her sins.
The MSM ignores the facts that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were paid by Russia, or that Democratic National Committee computer expert Seth Rich was the one who leaked DNC emails, sending 44,000 DNC emails to Julian Assange at Wikileaks.

The idea that the Trump administration is colluding with Russia becomes even more absurd in light of the anti-Russian and even provocative stances and policies the president is advocating. 
Is he strengthening the US military to help Russia?
Is he empowering the coal industry to help Russia?
Only profound cognitive dissonance can explain how one can conclude that he is working with Russia, but trying to destroy them at the same time.
Candidate Trump promised to pursue detente with the Kremlin and have a less adversarial relationship with Putin than Hillary Clinton, who compared Vladimir to Hitler.
I wish Trump kept his promise and took a more diplomatic stance with Russia to avoid the whole pesky nuclear Armageddon that the Russophobes seem to be cheering for. 

Inverted reality seems to be what the public yearn for in the age of fake news.
The media and Deep State may just have their dream of impeaching and deposing Trump come true. What comes next is hard to predict.
Civil War II? Impeachment of the next dirty Russian traitor, President Penceski!!?? 
(I hear he likes Russian Dressing)

Anthony Freda




  1. What an interesting read. I believe there could be other living things in the universe. I believe this because I believe God didn’t just create the universe for us. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.


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