Monday, September 25, 2017

Football Wars by Anthony Freda

Football Wars
Anthony Freda

How appropriate it is that the culture war is being fought on the ritual battlefields of the football stadiums.

People seem to care more about ritualized warfare than they do about actual wars being fought with our money and our children's lives.
Shallow and hollow patriotism is on full-throated display in NFL spectacles. They are the new Roman games designed to reflect the glory of the Empire.
U.S. military might has always been projected onto the faux warriors of the football circuses, and dissent was never even considered to be possible.
How can you play football and question America at the same time? 
The ideals that guide our policy are to be reenforced in the games and not challenged.
The tradition of standing with your hand on your heart as the National Anthem is played before every game is proof that these are Imperial games and not private sporting events.
The concussion-inducing combat on field is wildly cheered on even as the wounded are carried out on stretchers.
Fans entering stadiums are subjected to humiliating TSA style searches and military jets routinely do fly-overs during halftime while jingoistic spectacles are performed on the field.
All of this is designed as an affirmation of the moral legitimacy of the police state and endless war.
Are you ready to play some football? This game is going to get rough.

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