Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dakotah Interviews Caleb for The Soapbox (SOAPBOX PODCAST OCTOBER 29, 2017)

October 29, 2017

Guest: Caleb Maupin

Topic:Youth Conference in Russia

Guest Host: Dakotah Lilly


Today, on The Soapbox, Guest Host, Dakotah Lilly, interviews

Caleb Maupin and they chat about their recent trip to Sochi,

Russia for the World Federation of Youth Conference.

Dakotah Lilly is a college student who is co-founder of
Students and Youth for a New America

Caleb Maupin is an activist and correspondent for RT.





  1. is there such a place as "Sochil"..i checked Wikipedia and came up "no"..I'm familiar with "Sochi" could it be that is where you meant..?


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