Friday, November 10, 2017

Erasing the Blackboard guest blog by Vietnam Veteran Mike Hastie

When I left Vietnam in September 1971 after being
in the Central Highlands for one year, I remember
an event that I could only see its importance many
years later.

Three days before I left Vietnam at the out processing
center in Cam Ranh Bay, I was with a couple of hundred
soldiers who were also heading home from a war that
was drenched in Lies.

I was sleeping in one of the large barracks with
a lot of other anxious people who just wanted
out of this place.

One of the things we had to wait for was the
results of a piss test to determine if we had
been using heroin while in Vietnam.
If you tested positive, you had to stay in Vietnam
for another 2-3 weeks to be detoxed.

It was obviously a temporary shake and bake
treatment that would only last until they got
home, where they would no doubt continue
the assault on destroying their lives with a drug
that was having a powerful impact on the morale
of American troops in Vietnam.

While I was in Vietnam, I saw the end results of
people killing themselves and killing others because
heroin was dictating every decision they made.
Heroin addiction was rampart in my unit, and it
was being supplied and transported by the CIA
and high ranking South Vietnamese officers,
because heroin was like cash, and the cash flow
never stopped.

It was another level of unfathomable corruption
that defined the entire American War in Vietnam.
We were all disposable chess pieces that were moved
around on a chessboard to suit the corporate elite's
orgasm of non-stop profit.
We were all chumps in a war that would eventually
kill millions of people.

So, when my piss test came back negative, I was
good to go-- back to the United States that pretended
to be my earthly home.

My last perceptions of being in Vietnam were written
on the walls of that barracks I stayed in for a few days.
On every square inch of the walls of that building was
highly toxic war graffiti telling the absolute truth about
the American War in Vietnam.

It was all graphic prose to say the least.

American soldiers spilled their guts about how much
they hated their government and Richard Nixon.
They were as articulate as any gifted writer who
had the personal experience of bull shit and betrayal.

Betrayal is like heroin, it would eventually kill anything
that moved.

And, when the Vietnam War ended, that graffiti was
destroyed with the walls it was written on.

The blackboard was erased forever.

The tragedy of all this is that future American
soldiers would see the same horror of Lies in
Iraq and Afghanistan, and would experience the
exact same pathology of betrayal.

Long after Vietnam veterans are gone, the new
American soldier will be pissing in the same
sewer of historical deceit.

It's all the same orgy of madness.

I am truly sorry the Vietnam War blackboard
was destroyed, because it would have saved
so many lives.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.
And, that is why the blackboard is erased.

Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
Full Disclosure
November 9, 2017




  1. Communi$m is the Opiate of the
    Human Extremely Ultra Wealthy.

    Iron Curtain Over America by John O. Beaty
    The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler

    War Munition$ Industries during the Big Money
    U$/U$$R SE Asia War were owned controlled operatated
    by the SAME HUMAN RACE.

    NEW$ are the Real Nazie$ (Commie$)

  2. Those words needed, and still need to be written, but only on the blackboards of every elementary, middle and high school in this country. The only point is to reach these kids BEFORE they make the worst mistake of their lives.

  3. That's a great article by Mike Hastie. The one difference between the Vietnam soldiers and today's soldiers was that we knew at all times that the Vietnam war was an unjust, immoral, and illegal war, whereas today's soldiers just don't seem to understand that.

    Edward C. Stengel, Sp4, U.S. Army, 10/19/67 - 5/22/69, 221st Reoon Airplane Co., Soc Trang, Vietnam


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